As socialism fails in the South American country of Venezuela. Is this a possible Venezuelan Spring similar to the Arab Spring?

Venezuela National Flag
Venezuela National Flag

Venezuelan Spring

Latest news: There may be a “Venezuelan Spring” unfolding in South America. The recent history of Venezuela, it’s economy and the suffering of the Venezuelan people is jaw dropping.  The current effective inflation rate of their currency is a million percent.


Insane!!! That is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around. The majority of the population teeters on starvation.  The effective price currently for a banana is around 10 grand. Illegality, illegitimacy, violence and mistrust in the social construct of Venezuela is common. Right now Venezuela is a hotbed of activity. There are contingencies from Cuba, China, Russia and Hezbollah who all want the current leader to stay in power as it will benefit their power base in this region of the world, but it seems as though the citizenry would like to see the current leader deposed and replaced.    They are backed up by the so called “western nations”, the U.S. being one.

I recently heard a report on the radio from a videographer who was on the ground in Caracas, on 860 AM,The Answer in Tampa, Fl.

They said it was as dangerous in that city as any war zone they had ever been in. The videographer was walking in a public park area in the city, heard a pop-pop, looked around and found there was a man shot right in front of him. The poor soul was bleeding out. When the beat policeman walked by and came upon the scene he looked down and just continued walking.  

It seems as though this is a common occurrence in this part of town. The reporter said there are scores of people who are murdered in the streets daily. The videographer said he struck up a conversation with a man he saw walking in the park when he was there and walked with him for a bit. It seems as though the fellow was out hunting in the park for cats, dogs, birds,  or anything, just to feed his family. The man said the reason he was hunting “domestic” animals in this area was because this particular park was such a dangerous area that most people avoided this area so the “hunting” was good.

Larger Oil Reserves than Saudi Arabia

Venezuela is incredibly resource rich.  It has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.  
To quote Wikipedia, “The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the largest in the world, totaling 297 billion barrels….
Saudi Arabia’s reserves stood at 265 billion barrels
It has gold, diamond, emerald and mineral reserves in enormous quantities. There is no good excuse for the bulk of the population to be bordering on the brink of starvation and forced to hunt domesticated animals in city parks just to provide their families with meat, other than the mismanagement of their government of the resources and finances of the country.

There was information published approximately 2 years ago. The average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds due to scarcity of food. Now Reuters has updated that info. Click here to see their article.  It is a shame that a country with as many resources as Venezuela is blessed with has an underfed and necessity starved general population.  


How Socialism Seems to Work

This is the how socialism seems to be working in Venezuela, and as far as I can see this is how it works in its general application.  This is the system of government and the very country that Bernie Sanders (our own self proclaimed socialist) from New Hampshire has (up until very recently) touted as a government that he would like to see implemented in the United States.  This seems totally bizarre to me. Why would someone who lives in a capitalist society that has achieved widespread success in the developed world want to plunge their citizens into the distress of not having the necessities of life in the spirit of “equality”.  From my vantage point socialism never seems to attain the equality that is at the core of it’s promise.

I think the difference between the conservatives and the progressives is that conservatives base their views on the results of their actions rather than their intentions, and the progressives base their views on how their envisioned actions make them feel, and not the results those actions generate.  It appears as though the progressives are devoid of logic but filled with “feelings”. To them socialism is a beautiful concept, and if it worked, would actually be, a beautiful thing. I myself have seen it work within a temporary and limited environment, but when the size and scope of the group becomes too large, as it has in the 20th century, the scheme seems to go horribly wrong, and ends up in widespread corruption and mismanagement.   Socialism in practice has been responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people in the last century alone.

When the bulk of the population of a country is deprived of the basic necessities and a reduced ability to feed themselves and their families can you blame them for reacting violently?  The population of Venezuela has shown an incredible amount of restraint considering what they are going through.

We Have to Measure Our Response to this Situation

While we are very interested in the outcome of the “Venezuelan Spring”  we have to measure our response to this situation. America has been very active in South America and the South Americans look back and remember all of the actions we have taken through the years.  The U.S. has intervened more than 50 times in the affairs of other South American countries, so while we are keenly interested in the outcome of the current situation we need to watch from a distance and let this unfold organically.  We do have some leverage in financial matters, which I understand we are using, but anything other than that would more than likely be counter productive to the ends we desire.

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 In conclusion I am hopeful that the impoverished citizens of Venezuela are also thinking,
Is this a possible Venezuelan Spring , 
and are able to rescue their government and restore the standard of living they so richly deserve. I have high hopes for the “Venezuelan Spring”.