The Saga of the Venezuelan Spring

This saga of the Venezuelan Spring continues to grow more and more. As the plot thickens and time goes on more and more interesting details come to light.

Scroll down for an update on the “Venezuelan Spring” (the ZTE connection) and another on Humanitarian aid

Guaidó proclaimed himself president Jan 25th (2019)

Guaidó proclaimed himself president Jan 25th (2019)

Juan Guaidó, age 35, who was the leader of the parliament invoked a
constitutional clause that said he was constitutionally bound to take charge if there is no real president in charge. Guaidó’s party contends that the 2018 presidential election was rigged and therefore they do not recognize Maduro as president .

Opposing Forces

Guaidó proclaimed himself president Jan 25th (2019).
It seems as though there are other players in this “little” vignette and
so the plot thickens. Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have been called the
“Troika of Tyranny” in the southern hemisphere by National Security Advisor John Bolton, who at the time the label was coined, was the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

They are the nations in this hemisphere who support and have adopted socialism. They are supported by countries who do not view America, our Constitution or capitalism favorably. Cuba is the unofficial representative of Russia and China in this part of the world and has their support. This makes Venezuela critically important to the strategic balance of power in the world.

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The Largest Stores of Uranium in the World

It is rumored that quite possibly the largest stores of uranium in the world have been found along the Guyana/Venezuela border. It’s been known as far back as 2010 and I can quote an article by in October 2010

” a November 2008 contract between a Venezuelan state-run firm, CVG Minerven, and the Iranian government firm Impasco grants the Iranians a “gold mine” concession in the heart of the Roraima basin in the southeastern state of Bolivar, which sits along the Venezuela-Guyana border. Although gold mining in Venezuela goes back decades, the basin is also home to one of the world’s largest deposits of uranium, according to a survey by the U308 Corp., a Canadian uranium exploration company

There has been extensive uranium exploration in this vicinity with the help of Iran and other actors that are not friendly to the US. They also reported this

In addition to providing physical cover for Iranian operations, banks and other purportedly commercial ventures established in Venezuela afford Iran access to the international financial sector in violation of several Security Council resolutions intended to deny funds to the country’s illicit nuclear weapons program.Resolution 1803 (2008) warns governments to “exercise vigilance” against Iranian banks, specifically Bank Saderat, “to avoid such activities contributing to the proliferation of sensitive nuclear activities.” Documents retrieved from Venezuelan government archives (available in Spanish here) show that by 2007, Iran’s Bank Saderat had already incorporated the Banco Internacional de Desarrollo (BID) in Venezuela. All of BID’s founding directors are Iranian, and it appears to operate today as a Venezuelan bank that is actually a wholly-owned front for Saderat. Records of Iranian firms operating in Venezuela reflect dollar-denominated transactions carried out by BID in contravention of U.S. law and U.N. resolutions. “

A quick check on those facts and it turns out that as of today the bank is owned by Iran ~~

China and Venezuela?

Now that brings us to China and their involvement. With China’s recent
building of artificial islands in of the waters of the South China Sea to
implement China’s bid for maritime “ownership” of that area. Along with
their support of Venezuela the whole thing deserves watching.

The South China Sea is currently regarded as international waters. Over 5 trillion dollars worth of global trade currently passes through this body of water, as supported in reports Over 64.1% of China’s Total Maritime Trade travels across this sea.

Considering the potential impact that amount of trade can have on the world economy it is in the best interest of the global economy for The South China Sea to remain international water, otherwise, along with the stores of
uranium that may be present in Venezuela it would give China the ability to put a financial stranglehold on the entire world in the future if they so choose.

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China is no stranger to double dealing and unprincipled financial
dealings, so again, it does not hurt to keep a watchful eye on the situation,
and stay on top of these developments.

Russia and Venezuela?

Meanwhile, Russia has made a name for themselves in the past, being
known for their ruthless ambition to attain worldwide dominance. If China
and Russia have a strategic interest in this area, once again, it bears
watching. The BBC recently reported

“Years of Close Alliance”

“Moscow has long been a key ally of President Maduro, and Hugo Chávez before him – as fierce critics of Washington, right in America’s backyard.”The relationship is symbolically important. It’s about saying ‘we’re not alone, there are others who are very critical of the US and Western policy’,” explains Andrei Kortunov of the Russian International Affairs Council.That’s partly why Moscow has expanded co-operation with Caracas in recent years – increasing arms sales, extending credit and even flying in two bombers last December in a show of support.”

AFPImage captionVenezuela’s defence minister welcomed the two long-range Russian bombers when they flew to Caracas in December

Russia’s state-owned firm, Rosneft, now has stakes in multiple projects in Venezuela and has issued significant loans to the country’s oil giant, PDVSA.
Carnegie Centre economist Andrei Movchan argues

“When we sent weapons, no-one thought of collecting the debt. What was really in mind, I think, was access to the oil wells, to production,”

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Finally, the United States in the mix

Finally, there is the United States in the mix. With the Trump
Administration’s willingness to get involved in the country’s deep-seated
problems it has invoked memories of the long and bloody history of American Imperialism in Latin America. However, presently it would look bad for the United States to jump into this batch of “soup” at this time. Unfortunately for us we have learned, the hard way, in the recent past, that we need to let the desire for freedom and capitalism to develop organically, and restrain ourselves from trying to “nation build”.

However, in the scheme of things, it is in our “backyard” so to speak, and it could definitely be dangerous to let these other actors, who I don’t believe, have “The America’s” best interest at heart to get a foothold in this part of the world. That puts the US in a very delicate position. This international chess game is tricky at best.

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Meanwhile, that does not minimize the suffering of the Venezuelan
citizens that continues day after day. To date, approximately 3 million
Venezuelans (roughly 10 percent of the country) have fled the country in
search of a better life elsewhere. Venezuela is into its fifth year of
economic crisis. Nine out of 10 households are saying they don’t have enough money to buy food. Nearly two-thirds go to sleep hungry at night. Hundreds of thousands of children are at risk of death from malnutrition. Locals call the lack of food, “The Maduro diet,” after Maduro, who since 2013 has led Venezuela’s increasingly authoritarian government and driven the country into humanitarian crisis.

Families with no food or home in Venezuela 2019

Trump Announces Officially Recognizing Guaidó as Venezuela’s President

On January 23, 2019, Maduro announced that Venezuela was breaking
ties with the United States following President Trump’s announcement of
recognizing Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition leader, as the interim
President of Venezuela. Maduro said all US diplomats must leave within 72
hours, but Guaidó said that they should stay. Maduro later confirmed the
closure of the Venezuelan Embassy and all consulates in the United States.

Maduro of Venezuela 2019

Donald Trump announced that his administration would officially
recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s president, and was soon followed by Canada.
In recent days the leading states of the European Union released a common
statement announcing that they too would recognize Guaidó if elections were not declared.

Billions of Dollars in New Sanctions

Recently John Bolton the United States current National Security
Advisor rallied around two dozen countries to support Juan Guaido. Bolton has also announced billions of dollars in new sanctions against Maduro and the country’s state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos de Venezuela.

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Despite the continually strained ties between the two governments 82%
of the Venezuelans viewed the US positively in 2002, though this view
declined down to 62% in 2014 (according to the Pew Research Global
Attitudes Project). The Gallup Global Leadership Report indicates that as of
2013, 35% of Venezuelans approved of United States’ global leadership, and
35% disapproved. The Spring 2017 Global Attitudes Survey by Pew Research
Center found that 35% of the Venezuelan population views the United States
unfavorable and 47% view it favorably.”

You can’t please all the people EVER!! LOL

UPDATE 02/13/2019

Another update on the “Venezuelan Spring” (the ZTE connection)
I have deep concern over ZTE. There are millions of cell phones made
by ZTE in use worldwide as well as in the US. Cyberscoop featured an article written in 2016 indicating over 700 million Android smartphones carried hidden software that enabled surveillance by tracking a user’s movements and communication.

That discovery was made by a Virginia based team of
researchers. In 2018 the Venezuelan government hired ZTE to design a (fatherland) database and create a payment system for use with a card in order to bolster “national security”. A team of ZTE employees was embedded in CANTV, the Venezuelan state run telecommunications company. They manage the database. Some citizens and human rights groups believe its a tool for President Maduro to funnel scarce resources to his loyalists and follow citizens activities.
Hector Navarro, a former minister under Hugo Chávez, said “Venezuelans with the card have more rights than those who don’t. It’s blackmail.”

The US sent humanitarian aid (food) to Venezuela and Maduro blocked it
at the Columbia crossing into the country.

Image of road from Columbia to venezuela
Getty image

Maduro stated “We are not a country of beggars.” What that actually means is he who controls the food controls the country. He is depriving his citizens of food, knowing the Venezuelan citizens are literally starving. Maduro is moving money. The banking community is keeping a close eye on where the money is going.

Twelve south American countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia,
Costa Rica, Guatemala. Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and St
Lucia, recently signed a statement saying from the time Maduro took office
through the rigged election, they would not recognize him.

Rubio named six Venezuelan military officials who could help get aid into
the country if they are willing to defy Maduro: Gen. Vladimir Padrino,
Maduro’s defense minister; Adm. Remigio Ceballos, admiral in chief of the
armed forces; Maj. Gen. Jesús Rafael Suárez Chourio; Adm. Giuseppe
Alessandrello Cimadevilla, head of the navy; Maj. Gen. Edgar Valentín Cruz
Arteaga; and Maj. Gen. Antonio Benavides Torres. Rubio said they would
receive amnesty from U.S. sanctions and immunity from Venezuela’s opposition controlled National Assembly if they allow aid to be distributed by non-governmental organizations inside the country.Some of the six are already under sanctions from the U.S. government for being part of Maduro’s inner circle and for leading “violence and repression” efforts against protesters, according to the Treasury Department.

UPDATE 2/20/19

The leaders of Columbia and Brazil are offering to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela on Saturday to spotlight Maduro’s continuing refusal of food delivery for his people. Until now Maduro has been blocking the road connecting Columbia to Venezuela to get food to the starving masses in Venezuela.
The leaders of Brazil and Columbia have indicated they would participate in the humanitarian effort to bring the world’s attention to Maduro’s lack of compassion to his “subjects’

UPDATE 2/22/2019

As time goes on the tension in Venezuela continues to build and is mounting to a fever pitch.  It’s just a matter of time before the starving, beleaguered population of Venezuela rises up, Maduro is removed, and they regain their dignity and freedom. I am also hoping Guaidó is able to restore the Venezuelan economy and return Venezuela’s incredible wealth to those who deserve it, the citizens, so they can live the life they deserve.

I hold uprisings in fear, but with the shape the Venezuelan population is in I can’t imagine the peril that awaits them.          

      I will watch carefully and keep them in my prayers.  My feeling about prayer is it is like chicken soup, like my dear departed mother used to say…”It couldn’t hoit!”                                                         

All we can do currently is keep our fingers crossed and continue to
verbalize our support to Guaidó and while consistently urging Maduro to step down

What do you think about all the goins on?

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Well I’ve taken a peretty good look as the plot thickens
with the oncoming “Venezuelan Spring” – …. and I am with our leaders in supporting democracy.