It’s here and it’s real! The Showdown: Immigration and the Government Shutdown is the most talked about thing.

The disagreement over immigration and the wall has reached critical mass resulting in a government shutdown.  Neither side is willing to compromise and we find ourselves literally witnessing The Clash of the Titans between Donald Trump and Pelosi & Schumer.

I am all about Trump standing his ground and not rolling over before the Dems make good on anything they actually agree to.  In the past they have been known to make promises and once the concessions have been made by the other side they drop the ball and do nothing.  They don’t give another thought of what they promised that got them to the spot they arrived.

The situation leading up to this has been building for years and the circumstances surrounding this dustup could be about absolutely anything.  Taxes, environment, freedom, societal norms, the topic is really unimportant to the zealots of either side of the issue.

We don’t Know what their Motivation really is!

On the one hand it could be the constituency urging their leaders to go to the brink, conversely, it could be the leaders, in their arrogance, bringing our culture to its knees to further their own agenda, we don’t know what their motivation really is.  It could be greed, avarice, megalomania, or, on the other hand it could be their intention to do good. It could be the right thing to do or it could end in disaster. None of us really know what the outcome will be since we, as Americans, are still in the throes of the longest governmental experiment known to mankind.

It boils down to ideology, and this is the collision between The Cloward and Piven Strategy, Rules for Radicals and the original intent of the founding fathers inside the Constitution.  Capitalism and individuality vs. collectivism and government control be it socialism or communism – whatever you are most comfortable calling it.

 According to Wikipedia The Cloward and Piven Strategy calls for overwhelming the U.S. public welfare system to precipitate a crisis that would lead to the replacement of the currently accepted welfare system to bring about a national system of guaranteed income and thus an end to poverty.

That in and of itself, sounds like a dubious notion at best, but it seems as though the Democrats have embraced this idea. They determined by using unregulated mass migration into the U.S.they can accomplish that end that.  So in essence, they have, basically, invited anyone, from anywhere, with a pulse, to enter the U.S., and to the invitees they have discounted any requirement of assimilating to the American culture, while promising them healthcare and financial assistance so as to overburden the social safety net (the welfare system) to such a point to causes it to crash.  That is their stealth method of creating a crisis of such mass proportions that ultimately it will cause the system to crash and compel the government to step in and redistribute the wealth of this country as they see fit.

Liberty Statue with poster writing in the background

On its face (eliminating poverty) in theory sounds like it could be a perfectly logical supposition, however, I don’t know if it has ever been implemented, or for that matter would be successful if it was.  Therefore, one can’t be really sure if it would work or if it would just make the challenges of maintaining an orderly society worse or just more difficult while taking away any remnants of individual self determination.  

That is a Proposition with which I am UNABLE to abide.

The problem I have is it takes the individual and their free will out of the equation replacing it with governmental control.  That is a proposition with which I am unable to abide. When government increases in size and power it exponentially increases the opportunity for exploitation, malfeasance and corruption.  The larger and more powerful the government presence the smaller and less important the individual, and voila there goes any shred of autonomy for the American citizen.

A Manual on How to Marginalize those Who hold Views Counter to What Your Desired Views ARE!

The next leftist treatise is Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky.  It is an instruction manual pretty much on how to demoralize your enemy and supplant their point of view with your point of view.  No matter what the point of view is, if it runs counter to what is currently in place and you don’t like it, this is a manual on how to marginalize those who hold views counter to what your desired views are.

Between the Cloward and Piven Strategy and Rules for Radicals the groundwork has been laid to disrupt the current American status quo and replace it with a new government model that runs counter to the Constitution.  That is where this immigration situation that is unfolding could lead us unless we get a firm grip on it and fix it before it careens COMPLETELY out of control.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006

Previously the Democrats were all in favor of closing many of the loopholes that now exist in the immigration laws, they wanted more stringent vetting policies, and they also supported building a “barrier” (that translates to wall) – The Secure Fence Act of 2006.  They were willing in the past to budget at least 14 billion dollars to fund it, if not more. It wasn’t until Trump made his campaign promise of building the wall that it became xenophobic and immoral. As soon as those words came out of his mouth the Democrats developed amnesia about building the wall to and securing our southern borders.  Not until Trump announced he wanted to make America safer by building the wall did it became “immoral” bordering on reprehensible.

This has less than NOTHING to do with morality.  It is all about obstructionism. If Trump says it’s red his opponents (who consider themselves his enemy) will say it’s green.

If it is so immoral and it doesn’t work then why don’t all the “Dems” lobby to take down all the walls around the buildings in Washington that protect them.  

The whole idea of the wall on our southern border is to protect America’s sovereignty and keep lawlessness, drugs and criminal activity out of the U.S., so what is so immoral about that?

I would love to hear how you feel whether you agree or disagree?
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Painted flag and rainbow bodies hugging

So in conclusion the showdown about immigration and the government shutdown is still in progress and it shows no signs of letting up unless or until the participants on either side blink.  Sadly this resembles a child’s game which is a dismal concept since actual US policy rests on the shenanigans being played out in Washington.