Finally…Mueller released the findings on that 22 month (675 days to be exact, it started March of 2017 ) national ORDEAL that he and his henchmen put us through. The “Special Investigation”. So the Mueller Report – The Big reveal……A big fat NOTHINGBURGER!!!!!

Image of actor portraying the Russia collusion delusion

Looking and Looking and Looking and Looking

It was special alright. He (Mueller) and they (his henchmen) kept looking and looking and looking and looking and in all that time and manpower (translation – MONEY) basically he/they discovered that some of the players
that were in association with the President broke the law, lied, and committed some unsavory maybe even questionable acts but there is no evidence of any kind that there was ANY Russian collusion by the
President to try to swing the 2016 election in his favor.

William Barr the Attorney General wrote that Mueller’s report “does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him” (Trump). The president has not been charged, because AG (Attorney General) Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein concluded in the written report submitted to the ranking members of the Judiciary Committee, the evidence “is not sufficient to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice offense,” indicating the government would have to be able to prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  

The multitude of Democrats maintain that the President was not exonerated. However since the prosecutor was unable to establish that the president committed a crime means is that the president WAS EXONERATED of the charge of collusion that was leveled against him. Now with that said, the Democrats are hell bent on finding something else with which they can disrupt the agenda that President Trump has. The prevailing conversation in the media is that the Democrats will not (my interpretation – because they cannot), let this go and will try another “angle” to vex President Trump.  

Subject of the Investigation was Collusion

The only subject of the investigation was collusion and since there was nothing there the Democrats feel they must find, and may now embark on, another pointless subject to investigate, obstruction of justice, or maybe finance irregularities or any of a number of things that I can only imagine; further wasting taxpayer money, and deepening the divide in America. My expectation from the behavior that I am currently witnessing from the Democratic camp is they will doggedly grasp at any straw they can to disrupt any success due to their blind hatred of President Trump, indulging themselves in “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

As far as I can see their actions don’t seem to square with their stated goal of wanting to make the world a better place.  What I get from their actions is “my way or the highway”. Most recently, I have not seen any indication of them ‘reaching across the aisle’ to compromise in any meaningful way.  All I can see is derision and disruption, and that to me does not show any authenticity in their stated goal.


Meanwhile,  in the camp on the Left, to quote a famous book there is much “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  Last Sunday I watched the Sunday political shows and I was very impressed with the restraint they displayed over their UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT that there was not a shred of evidence they could hang their Trump loathing political hats on.  

I fully expected to see some exploding heads.

I think the only thing that keeps them, furiously clutching on with bloody fingers, is the hope that there was something….anything…defying procedure, abrasive manners, anything,anything that they can categorize as a heinous disruption of their “decorum” that Trump may have committed to give them yet another opportunity to suck the oxygen out of any room they’re in.  They accomplish that by indulging their “Trump Derangement Syndrome”…screaming, screaming, screaming their complete and equivocated disdain while pointing out “Trump did it” or “He’s a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic pile of _****_ .” or whatever they’re outrage of the day is, so they can obfuscate anything of importance on the world stage or be able to get any kind of meaningful governing accomplished considering the sheer nonsense they in indulge themselves in.

Democratic follies

The list of the Democratic follies, inconsistencies and delusions is so long I may run out of space before I can get the all listed.  I fear it may be so inane that it goes from being funny to bizarre, to scary before finally dissolving into concepts that are so far out there, the ideas can’t even be seriously entertained.  That can ultimately get boring fast, and obviously that is not my intention. So where do I start? Let me start by listing just some of those misguided ideas and some of the people who came up with these pearls of wisdom.  After that I will do a deeper dive into what I see as the Democratic foolishness.

*Actually deconstructing the existing wall

*Lowering the voting age to 16

*Getting rid of Electoral College

*Getting rid of the Constitution

*Medicare for all

*Eliminating all fossil fuel production

*Eliminating nuclear energy

*Eliminating 99% of cars

*Gutting and rebuilding every building in America

*Eliminating air travel

*Government guaranteed jobs

*Free education for life

*A salubrious diet

*A house

*Free money

*Ban meat

*Instituting a top marginal tax rate of 70%

* Completely eliminating all private insurance

The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal authored by  A.O.C. – Her brainchild refers to what was formerly known as taxes as “investments” and to *institute a top marginal tax rate of 70%.  Investments – isn’t that something akin to the symbol Prince (the late rock icon) used when he began to refer to himself as “the artist formerly known as Prince”?  

Beto O’Rouke – his posture is to *deconstruct and remove the border wall – his rationale – it’s not needed.  The Constitution also not needed as it is a dead outdated document.

Kamala Harris – wants to Completely eliminate all private insurance – after all why do we need it if we completely discard any private healthcare.

*Free money – Finally Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is vowing to pay every American citizen between the ages of 18 and 64 a $1,000 check once a month if he is elected in 2020.   Yang proposes paying for this scheme by taxing tech giants, such as Amazon and Google.

General Democrat rank and file – *Get rid of the Electoral College.  My take on that is for them to be able to have the voters from the highly populated areas dominate the vote and take any autonomy that the less densely populated areas could ever muster, hence having approximately 3 to 4 states in the union control the vote and ultimately decide who is elected.

*Lower the voting age to 16. I just read a report that indicates that the lines between childhood and adulthood have been blurring since the 60’s and by now this new batch of freshman Democrats are very confused as to the meaning of adulthood.  I find myself thinking that the new quintessential Democrat persona is, at its core a demonstration of the book entitled “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. No one who is rational could ever believe that 16 year olds en masse could be sufficiently mature or have the life experience to decipher the double talk that comes out of Washington or even their individual localities.  The Democrats that are currently in power want to give the 16 year olds the option to vote because they can manipulate them and guarantee their voting base thus insuring their access to power in the future. Those 10 year olds will follow every cue with precision, because, it is oh so much easier than thinking on their own.

I’m going to lump a few of the other ideas together under the heading of how can we totally bankrupt America while insuring that the government will be in total control of EVERYONE’S life

*Eliminate all fossil fuel production – so we can undo America’s energy independence and rely on others in the world who hate us for our energy needs

*Eliminate nuclear energy – see explanation above

*Eliminate 99% of cars – what?

*Gut and rebuild every building in America – and we can have the unicorns furnish all of the muscle and supply all of the building supplies and money

*Eliminate air travel – right – we can go back to ocean travel or take a high speed train to Europe or Hawaii

*A government guaranteed job  

*Free education for life

*A salubrious diet

*A house

*Ban meat

Totalitarian Dictatorship

If this is allowed to take any kind of shape other than words to be written on a page and ridiculed it will mark the end of our Republic as we know it and it will give rise to a government that will control the  populace from cradle to grave. It will look A LOT like a totalitarian dictatorship.

However entertaining going over this list of absurdities is it has pulled me off the path of reality by reiterating, as far as the Mueller Special Report is there is nothing there. But even though there is nothing that indicates there was any kind of collusion, I fear the Democrats will be unable to give up their Trump-hating mantra and they will continue to try and be the thorn in Trump’s side for the foreseeable future.

Article V Convention of States

The only antidote I can see to all of this Democrat foolishness is an Article V Convention of States so we the people have a chance to keep this country on the path that our founding fathers intended.  We need to use the tools our framers gave us so we may begin to steer our country back to being the successful Constitutional Republic it was designed to be. If we are able to get this proposal ratified in 34 states we as citizens can compel our lawmakers to bring proposals to the floor for votes.

The following are the amendment topics that are currently being proposed to get a  Convention of States to pass.

* Impose fiscal restraints on the government – A balanced budget amendment

* Limits on the jurisdiction of the Federal Government –  A limitation on using Executive Orders and federal regulations to enact laws (since Congress is supposed to be the exclusive agency to enact laws)

* Term limits

The reason the scope is so limited is that there have been 400 attempts to initiate a Convention of States and all 34 states that are required to ratify the application have to have the same reasons for the application otherwise the Convention cannot be called.  The framers purposely made the road to the convention arduous to insure there cannot be a ‘runaway’ Convention of States. The reason for the convention must be concise and unanimous. The previous attempts were unable to get all 34 states to agree on the exact reasons for the Convention to be called.  With the limited scope of topics we are in a great position to actually accomplish getting a Convention called.

Presently there are 15 states that have committed to making application for the Convention of States.  That leaves 19 more states that need to make application for we the people to begin to steer the American government back to fiscal sanity, to eliminate the elite from Washington, and limiting the overreach of the Federal Government.

If this interests you please go to the Convention of States official website by clicking here now and sign up to be a volunteer so you can personally make a difference and exert an influence the direction The United States.

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So as I said in the beginning, the Mueller Report – The Big reveal was a big fat NOTHINGBURGER!!!!!