The Government Shutdown, Immigration, DACA, and the Wall!

Today I’m going to discuss the government shutdown, immigration, DACA, and the wall! I want to show you how the Republicans can keep from being duped again by the Democrats.

The dance between the Democrats and the Republicans over the government shutdown, immigration, DACA and the wall has begun in earnest.

As the newly elected Democrats are taking their place in the Senate they are already starting to dig in their feet for no other reason than to antagonize Trump, because, face it. they completely disagree with his basic premise of making America great again.  The Democrats are so crazed with their hatred of Trump (Trump Derangement Syndrome) they are unyielding in their opposition to him regardless of the subject. There is nothing Trump could suggest that the Democrats would support, even if the issue was originally presented by them.

       While the Republicans are pressing to get a wall built, to protect America’s southern border, as president Trump promised in his campaign, the Democrats are resisting based on their emotional reaction to Trump.  It really has nothing to do with any issue but everything to do with preventing Trump from gaining any semblance of political victory by any means possible.

A few years ago

A few years ago the Democrats were all about implementing immigration reform and building a wall, with DACA as their main rallying cry.   Many of the Democrat leaders have been captured on tape in the past voicing their support for border security and calling for building a wall. This is just one example from a few years ago.

It seems their current objection to improving border security and building the wall has less to do with keeping our country safe, reducing drugs and criminals making their way into America,  and more to do with their desire to thwart anything Trump is trying to accomplish and therefore preventing him from continuing to score any kind of political success.

Negotiations ?????

The negotiations to reverse the government shutdown are taking place now and the topics that are being bantered around the immigration conversation is DACA and the wall.  Trump wants funding for the wall and has offered to roll over on DACA in return for funding for the wall. DACA was the MAJOR rallying cry the Democrats had less than a year ago.  Now because the Dems have NO interest in compromise or cooperation, they just want to oppose, they are saying no to DACA, regardless of how it affects their constituency.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.  I understand their revulsion. I felt that way about the previous administration.  What I don’t understand is the silence from their base when those who are supposed to be representing them are selling them down the river. Do they not realize it, or could it be that the Dems  have done such a brilliant job at demonizing Trump and have so profoundly infected their base with Trump Derangement Syndrome that no matter what they do their base will follow.

Both sides are blaming the other side for the shutdown.

Those whose jobs are being interrupted are acting as if the government has never shut down before.  Sure it’s inconvenient, but it’s not like their creditors are unaware that the government has shut down.  There will be arrangements made and life will go on. It’s temporary not permanent.

Meanwhile the political posturing is just aggravating the citizens on both sides regardless of the outcome.  Just a tid bit I found and I find it disgraceful that our elected officials (whom by the way) it seems according to the 2019 legislative schedule to have granted themselves a shorter work year –  (in essence giving themselves a raise) – (less hours – same pay).

They refuse to get the work done due to arrogance and political posturing that the American citizens elected them for.  I don’t know about you, but I would CERTAINLY like to be able to grant myself a perk like that in my job while not getting my work done and being able to keep my cushy gig.

Washington is DESPERATELY in need of fixing!

       Whatever the outcome Washington is DESPERATELY in need of fixing.  How it’s going to get fixed or who is going to fix it is still anybody’s guess but getting it fixed and ridding Washington of the greed and corruption would be incredibly refreshing!  A fantastic idea that our forefathers have provided for us is an Article 5 Convention of States. Take 3 minutes and listen to this video!


       The wall needs to be built so America is able to protect her sovereignty and maintain a semblance of order.  Even though compromising on DACA is less than an ideal solution, it is a step forward to start unraveling this mess. We may be able to move America forward and stop wasting time on the senseless bickering.

the wall on the mexican border being built

There are so many more productive things to spend time and energy on than screaming matches where no one is listening to each other.

History shows the Republicans cannot accept on good faith that the Democrats will make good on their promises in the immigration negotiations.  All the way back to Ronald Reagan and quite possibly prior to that they have accepted on face value promises that the Democrats have made and time and time again the promises the Dems made were never kept.  It’s as if the Republicans and Democrats are locked in a Lucy/Charlie Brown/football scenario. So that is why DACA cannot be implemented until the wall is already built, because if DACA is implemented the funding for the wall and the building of the wall will quite possibly never take place.  The Democrats are perfectly happy with CR’s (continuing resolutions). To me that is a prescription for further government shutdowns going forward. The Democrats seem to think that is a bargaining chip.

Government Shutdown banner

That is the only way I can see that Republicans can keep from being duped again by the Democrats is to hold firm to the implementation of DACA or any other compromise for that matter until all of the negotiated terms are met.  The funding will need to be approved, the wall built and serious ideas for reforming the broken immigration laws addressed.

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