It’s unbelievable what the left has done to the Boy Scouts. We are watching the demise of the Boy Scouts of America. Slowly, diabolically, soon the bastion of teaching boys to be men will be gone!

Only the left could take a perfectly good organization that was founded in 1910 and force it to the brink of bankruptcy (moral as well as financial) in a matter of 4 – 5 years.  The left has infected a time honored bastion of American tradition and turned it into something that defies description. The changes they were able to impose range from lifting its ban on openly gay members to granting membership to transgender boys as well as allowing openly gay adults to be scout leaders while at the same time also allowing girls to join the boy scouts.  What??!? Isn’t it called “boy scouts” as in BOY scouts!?!  I regularly wonder, what are they thinking?  The left has forced BSA to abandon what used to be an organization designed to help boys become upstanding, responsible, men (which, to me, has always been a positive influence on the American culture) by re-fashioning it in line with the new Gnosticism of American culture, accepting the LGTBQIA ideology, while abandoning BSA’s time honored traditional scrupulous position regarding sex and opposition to atheism.

According to an NBC article the Mormons, who had previously been staunch supporters, announced they were ending a 105-year partnership with the BSA and starting their own youth program.  

In November of 2018 GSA (Girl Scouts of America) brought suit against BSA for trademark infringement.

The membership/participation rate has gone from a high of nearly 6 million members in 1969 to today’s low of approximately 2 million.  Some school districts will no longer allow the promotion of scouting at school. This is such a sad turn of events. To take a formerly vigorous organization that historically made an undeniably positive contribution to the fabric of American life to a broken, morally bankrupt shell of its former self in such a relatively short period of time. 

I don’t think the left could have done a better job of undermining the original mission of the organization if they had planned this from the date the scouts were founded. They have successfully deconstructed the model that propelled boy scouting to the time honored position in Americana it formerly held. I believe they did this purposely because the activists on the left totally disagree with the spirit and ideology that motivated the intention behind the boy scouts to begin with.  The left is willing to tear down any organization, or, for that matter any person that embraces any prevailing philosophy that doesn’t agree with their own view of the world. They can’t and don’t want to make an organization of their own that aligns with their worldview, they want to alter the existing world view and replace it with theirs.

What they want to do is tear down any existing organization or tradition that others have so there is no longer a stronghold the previous (irredeemable) membership can cleave to.  They want to replace it with something that reflects their own ideology, displacing the previous members, unless of course they can convert them to the left’s way of thinking. The left, in their unreasonableness, seem to revel in destroying everything they touch in their delusive belief that their interference will improve the particular organization, and by extension, the world in general. They undertake these actions through a misguided belief they are morally superior to those who buy into “tradition”. They feel that by tearing down the traditions of what they consider to be a corrupt society they are “virtue signaling” and demonstrating their moral superiority and remarkable intelligence over all of the conservative “knuckle draggers” who defend the concept that tradition fosters stability.  They feel their corruptness (bull s***) meter is FAR superior to the conservatives who currently defend tradition. [The definition of conservative used in this article would be those who would CONSERVE current societal norms.]

I understand cultures changes, and if everyone would get behind their own banner and leave those alone who are perfectly happy with the option they have chosen, it may have a more positive effect on society instead of planting the seeds of misery and psychosis.

It is hard to imagine what options are open to the BSA to even start to restore themselves to their former stature. I am saddened to think of the many things that are currently open to our youth will no longer be available to the youth of America going forward. I often look back nostalgically to a gentler, simpler culture.  Those on the left would say it was awful and the world is better off trashing that status quo. They would say it was a requirement to follow cultural norms with slavish adherence to accepted practices. In my understanding that type of behavior that requires discipline and routines promotes civility and dependability in day to day life. That reliability provides stability to life.  Right now there are so many changes within the culture it feels like the foundation is standing on quicksand. It makes navigating the system almost impossible because there is no stable system in place in which to navigate. With the introduction of upward of 20 (or more) genders, it is no surprise that there are so many lawsuits and so many “snowflakes” are being outraged at microaggressions.  History is being rewritten right before our very eyes. The lefts logic is, if you don’t like the history just delete it. We no longer need to burn books, we just delete the information from all the servers and hard drives. Statues are being removed and demolished. The youth is no longer taught to read or write in cursive, effectively making the original documents that created the United States (the Constitution) hieroglyphics to them.  The kids going forward will be reduced to having these documents “translated” for them. Who’s to say that whomever they choose to do the “translation” will be completely honest in their particular translation. I am very concerned, bordering on scared to see what a future like this holds in store.

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Slowly, diabolically, soon the bastion of teaching boys to be men will be gone! We are watching the demise of the Boy Scouts of America.