The Covington Catholic School

This is my take on the Covington Catholic School kids incident that occurred in Washington DC, on the mall, a few weeks ago (January 18, 2019) between Nathan Phillips, an elder native American, and Nick Sandman, a 16 year old Covington Catholic High School student.

On the Left

The event has been revisited time and time again since it occurred.
There was initially a rush to judgment from both sides. Those on the Left
reacted with the hate and vitriol that is unfortunately all too common and
most often blamed on the Right. That is not entirely unexpected from my
vantage point. The incident was not researched before the shrill outcry
started. everyone in the media and on social networks accused the Catholic school boy of disrespecting the native American and being an out and out racist because of wearing a MAGA hat.

On the Right

The Right on the other hand was inclined to believe the worst of the native
American. After closer examination the video revealed what appeared to be the native American trying to figuratively push the student into behaving badly by beating a ceremonial drum in the child’s face for an extended period of time. After the full video came to light at this point in time I do believe the older individual based on his age and experience level should not have behaved in the manner he did.

The school boy was totally unsure of how to handle the situation, after
all, how much social experience does one possess at 16, so the youth remained still and smiled trying to convey that he was not intimidated and meant the elder no harm nor disrespect. The drum beating native American on the other hand was actively engaged in physically offensive behavior.


Some would say the kid wearing the MAGA hat was displaying “trigger” conduct by wearing the MAGA hat. My take on it was he was demonstrating his first amendment right to freedom of expression. He was wearing a hat and minding his own business.

I find the double standard the left uses breathtaking. If this Catholic
school attendee was considered a left leaning progressive or liberal the youth would be identified as a child, but since the left identified the child as a conservative this young person became identified as a “white patriarchal man” who by merely existing, is imbued with “White Privilege” and therefore even the restraint and maturity he displayed was ignored and he was labeled a racist provocateur, when clearly, once the footage was actually looked at and reviewed was not the case.

That did not stop the lefty’s (who were clearly and in an uncontrollable
maniacal fashion demonstrating their “Trump Derangement Syndrome”) from doxxing the kid. That got him much unwanted notoriety along with death threats. Many high profile characters published “tweets” calling this kid unconscionable names. Of course the reporting of most of the “mainstream” news outlets never let the facts get in their way. I myself never saw an admission that they got the facts wrong nor did I ever see an apology. I’m not saying there was not an apology, it just I never saw one until today!

(Feb. 1). The apology has been out there since near the end of January where the media acknowledged they were guilty of joining in the media pile on but I hadn’t yet started writing this article or researching it until today, consequently I had not seen the apologies.

Under the Bus

However, with that said, even the Bishop from Covington KY threw the
poor Covington High students under the bus. There was an “apology” to the
Covington High students from Bishop Roger Foys in the “The Catholic World Report” on Jan 25th, but it was less of an apology and more of a butt covering exercise for the Bishop.

In his initial response on the Jan. 19 statement Foys condemned the students and said, ”This behavior is opposed to the Church’s
teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person. The matter is
being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including

In that statement, Foys’ said that it was “his “hope and expectation” that this investigation would “exonerate” the students, and that they will be able to move past this ordeal”. He also expressed support for Robert Rowe, the principal of Covington Catholic High School stating Rowe is a “fine leader and those calling for his resignation simply do not know him.”

Only after the full story came to light did the Bishop amend his
apology. “We apologize to anyone who has been offended in any way by either of our statements which were made with good will based on the information we had. We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it.” said Bishop Foys in the letter, which was addressed to the parents of Covington Catholic students.

I especially apologize to Nicholas Sandmann and his family,” said Bishop Roger Foys in the amended statement, “as well as to all CovCath families who have felt abandoned during this ordeal.”

Now I do understand that the facts come at us 24/7 at an incredible
rate and with information changing and developing from moment to moment. It can be difficult to determine the truth based on your perception, but I do so wish the country was not so divided and the passions did not run so high.


There is definitely something to be said for cooler heads prevailing. It would make discourse and idea sharing SO MUCH EASIER. and actually facilitate its possibility. I fear that each side of these national debates are so entrenched they can’t see the forest for their trees.

As the cogent beings we all are we actually do have the ability to slow
ourselves down before making rash decisions and taking actions that we then later have to retract and/or apologize for. It is always more pleasant for everyone concerned to engage our brains before engaging our mouths and bodies. It would definitely make communication easier and who knows it could ultimately end up making our world a better place.

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Covington Catholic School Kids Incident. This is how I saw it. Let me know
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