I have gone way beyond boredom with the snowflakes. In my mind it has moved into the realm of nausea and is quickly moving toward fear.  My concern is the American left is sinking into fascism. I’m so tired of all the virtue signaling and identity politics it makes me want to puke.  It would be tedious if it wasn’t so dangerous.

One of the four freshman congresswomen who have recently been dubbed “the squad” came out with a statement mid July (2019) that basically anyone who spoke out about topics embraced by the left needed to speak in “their” voice (i.e. black voices, brown voices, Muslim voices, queer voices, etc).  Inferring if they did not speak in those specific “voices” their commentary was not totally welcomed and they were not needed. In essence, segregating them to their own “corners” so to speak. That appears to me, at least, to be the most rank form of segregation I can imagine. In my mind these “representatives” are so deluded as to not recognize their own incredible hypocrisy.

Those who are part and parcel of this movement are not above of erasing any history they don’t feel supports their narrative or agenda.  I really believe those on the left who are under the impression they are “OH SO VIRTUOUS” are particularly dangerous. They are promoting socialism as they understand it.  Unfortunately I don’t think their understanding of socialism is based in reality. What they fail to comprehend is that socialism is responsible for millions of deaths in the 20th century and the deaths have been proven to be directly caused by the governments that have taken power rooted in socialism (based on a 2002 study from hawaii.edu).  Even currently, governments that are rooted in socialism are persecuting and oppressing their populations routinely. I don’t know how they can’t see this. That little concept seems to elude them. It’s not even on their radar.

I’ve taken the privilege of designating their movement as the “I’m so virtuous that no one who has gone before me could possibly be virtuous, or even NEARLY as virtuous as me, so they must be erased” crowd.  The participants are rapidly drifting into the realm of fascism. There was an incident in Portland, OR., on the last weekend in June (2019) where a gay Asian journalist, Andy Ngo (a conservative media commentator based in Portland), was attacked while covering a protest by Antifa (what is supposed to be the Anti Fascism – based on their name).  He ended up in the hospital with multiple contusions abrasions and a brain bleed, which is also known as a brain hemorrhage. They surrounded him and kicked and punched him, then threw a milkshake at him. The only problem is the “milkshake” they threw at him seems to have been made up of quick-drying cement and possibly some type of acid. The left is sinking into fascism – just what their name says they oppose.  I fear the far left is trying to lead us into becoming the pre-World War ll equivalent of Germany and Antifa is becoming the modern-day American equivalent of Hitler’s famous brown shirts, all the while, constantly and continually accusing Trump of being a Nazi. They seem to be the ones always accusing whom they perceive their opposition of being racist and cowardly. That triggers a question in my mind, why are they the ones wearing masks over their faces to hide their identities as they perpetrate attacks against anyone they perceive to have views opposite of theirs?

A Portland resident recently indicated that Portland is becoming a dangerous place to be if you dare to publicly declare support for any right leaning candidates or policies.  The police are not there to protect you, because, based on their instructions from the leaders of the city, they are unable to carry out what SHOULD be their jobs. It was reported in a story on Oregon Public Broadcasting that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is not ready to support the Police Chief’s proposal for a mask ban. Mayor Wheeler has also been roundly criticized for his continued refusal adequately to police the Antifa thugs that ran wild again on June 29th 2019. Officers, journalists and even bystanders were caught in the crossfire of the group’s chaos.  Many asked the question where was the Mayor during all of these shenanigans? The short answer is/was – nowhere to be found.

I honestly don’t know what the answer is to change the situation as it stands, but what I do know is something has to be done before Antifa gains the ability to literally (physically) drag us down the road to ruin.  What will it ruin, you ask? Freedom, liberty, individualism and self determination, just to name a few. The very basis that this country was founded on. Anything that can be identified as the bedrock of culture as we know it, their ideology has the capability to ruin. The more disturbing notion is they have a burning desire to implement their dogma. They are actively seeking to become the thought police.  The city of Berkeley CA just passed an ordinance where you cannot say the word(s) he, her, sister, brother, sorority or fraternity and do business with that city.

I hope and pray that the American people recognize this and are able to channel the national will and move the country back towards sanity and the tenets this country was founded on.  It is going to be an uphill battle, with many, many, many obstacles to overcome, what with the bias of the press and the manipulation by all of the tech giants and well funded leftists.  It is now coming to light that Google, Facebook, Twitter to name a few, who are supposed to be serving us by retrieving the information we ask it for, instead are using algorithms they designed to manipulate our searches and eliminate any material that we may want to know, that their algorithms determine to be objectionable, and replacing it with information that has been designed to, oh so subtly, lead us down a “thought path” to where THEY want us to arrive.  It is becoming more and more insidious and unless we are ever vigilant we will end up in a place we don’t recognize and have no earthly idea how we got there or how we will ever get back.   

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My concern is the American left is sinking into fascism. I’m so tired of all the virtue signaling and identity politics it makes me want to puke.  It would be tedious if it wasn’t so dangerous.