Thoughts on The State of the Onion.

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My thoughts on the State of the Union or as I sometimes like to call it, Thoughts on The State of the Onion.

United states of America Meme with flag and Love it or leave it

In this article I examine how the State of the Union has changed from its inception until the present.  How the tenor, messages and the honored guests that are invited to The State of the Union addresses have changed through the years..  


    Originally, the Joint Sessions of Congress were only supposed to meet briefly each summer in Washington and the president would (historically) write to the congressional members when they were back at their normal lives and regular jobs to let them know what he (the President) was up to and advise them on “the state of the union”.  

In the beginning of our country the State of the Union was delivered in writing.  The first State of the Union address that was verbally delivered happened during the Wilson administration (1913 – 1921) and was delivered by Woodrow Wilson.  From then on the tradition of writing the State of the Union address changed. Most of the presidents since the Wilson administration have delivered the State of the Union verbally to the Joint Session of Congress.


Historically those who were invited to the State of the Union addresses were those who had achieved monumental accomplishments or made sacrifices in the name of freedom and to protect the Republic. They were heroes.  This one saved lives, this one developed ideas or products that vastly improved the lives of their countrymen or the world, etc.,etc. Now it seems as though those who are invited are all victims in one way or another, and they are invited to highlight what the  has been done for them by the government to remedy their distress, to improve their lives, or to apologize to the for their discomfort or losses. That to me is a more telling description of the state of the union and (in my view) the national evolution that American society has gone through.  


Some may view this as in improvement, but I see it (unfortunately) as the transformation of the government that our founding fathers envisioned and the bastardization of the original intention of the Constitution and the formation of the United States of America. They (our founding fathers) originally conceived the idea that the individual should be in power and have dominion over themselves and the government should be subservient to them.  Now it appears that the American groupthink believes the government should have dominion over the individual so the government has the responsibility to make the individuals life better or owes the individual an apology. This is completely opposite to what the founding fathers intended in the Constitution.

The Result Of

That seems to me to be the result of the teachings of the 60’s radicals who took control of the teaching profession and molded the minds of our youth.  Now we seem to be embarking on the road to ruin, away from the self determination and capitalism that is responsible for much of the success The United States has attained through our history, toward dependence on government, and it’s dominance and supervision of our thoughts and lives.  This kind of thinking removes any type of resourcefulness because it is no longer needed. When resourcefulness is not needed it ceases to be developed. When a behavior is no longer considered useful is is discontinued and forgotten. That could be incredibly dangerous because it dulls the thought process and after time it can change the way the brain functions. The brain functions through electronic pathways and if they are not used regularly they deteriorate and become non functioning, resulting in the dumbing down of the person or as a people in general.


The Left and the Right are so firmly entrenched in their own thought processes they can’t hear anything outside of their own echo chambers.  The Left sincerely believes America is bad and all of our wealth has been stolen from those less fortunate than us therefore we “owe” those less fortunate than us, and it is not up to the individual to make reparations but it is the responsibility of the government to make it right.  The only way the government can make it right is to give away what they consider to be our excess and the only way the government accumulates the overabundance we previously acquired (as the Left see it) through debauchery is to increase taxes for everyone (meaning the rich) to “level theplaying field”.  In order to get that accomplished (leveling the playing field) it means that the standard of living across the board needs to be diminished.


Hmmmm…sounds like Venezuela or Nicaragua to me, and in those countries it seems the leaders are living quite well while the population does without many of the necessities of daily life, such as soap or toilet paper to name a few.

I am very frightened that the deep seated differences in the understanding of good and evil between the Left and the Right will be hard to bridge.  I really believe that the State of the Union address remains crucially important because it is (for many) the one dialogue that is made readily available to not only all the citizens of America, but to the world at large.


 It gives us the chance to break our differences down to such a micro level that we may be able to begin the process of bridging the enormous chasm that we have created. The chasm has developed so slowly, because the radicals who have gained control of the American education, practice progressivism.  To me this is truly the demonstration of how progressivism works. The ideology that precipitates changes in behavior and group-think are instituted and implemented so slowly that it goes on virtually unnoticed and when it finally does get noticed the change has become so dramatic that it’s darn near impossible to reverse and extricate yourself from it.  It’s kind of like hiding in clear sight. It is done right before your eyes in such slow motion it becomes undetectable.

I think this is what the State of the Union assessment will be tonight! And it sure looks to be a good time!

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SOTUS Update after the Speech

After watching the State of the Union Speech tonight I am more firmly
convinced that my observation earlier in the article, regarding the poisoning
of the minds of America’s younger generation, has been accomplished. When
I was watching the speech and watching the camera pan over the Democrats
in the chamber I was struck at the reaction I saw, particularly on the row of
the new Jr. congressional representatives, responding to things that should
have inspired them as patriotic Americans, they remained seated in quiet
disagreement. Their mindset is SO much farther left than any of the
proposals put forth this evening.

Ultimately I think all in all, the speech hit many of the right points
and promoted unity. I hope the partisans that reside in our legislature put
aside their partisanship and as Trump requested that we as Americans
“choose greatness”.

My thoughts on the State of the Union this evening are mixed again. We will see what our leader can and is doing tonight. Enough said, bookmark this page for my response later!