Send her back.  That was the chant the crowd broke into at a July 17th (2019) Trump rally in NC., and while it was an inarticulate and ham-fisted, response to the impression that Congresswoman Omar Illhan does not embrace the conclusions this country is based on, and the American way of life, choosing not to try to improve it, but instead to criticize it, and suggesting the very fabric of the American experiment be discarded and replaced with “democracy” (mob rule) and socialism, elicited a passionate response.

This is not the first passage into this “territory” with regard to Ms.Omar.  Jeanine Pirro’s show was put on temporary hiatus dating back to March 2017 after she suggested that Omar’s (D-MN) hijab was “indicative of her adherence to sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution”.  

The Democrats have recently dubbed themselves as “Social Democrats”, yet another new meaningless new term.  My understanding of what they mean by that is a socialist democracy, which is an oxymoron. Socialism by its nature is NOT a democracy.   The left excels at language manipulation, and once they’ve coined a word or phrase, use it endlessly, until it is accepted into our lexicon of language, and the meaning, no matter how unintelligible, becomes so familiar it causes no further inquiry into its meaning.  

The left leaning press, it seems, is almost purposely, misrepresenting the meaning of what Trump said, so they can again “virtue signal” by calling Trump and his followers mean spirited racist  bigots, and Nazi’s. The Democrats along with the press routinely discredit themselves. I firmly believe, their logic and reason continues to be clouded by their collective “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.  The press, and the rank and file Democrats, still cannot believe that Trump won the last election. They believe that was the ultimate wrong and have been hell bent on evicting him from office ever since, to the point that they will ignore any obligation to present factual news or pass any meaningful legislation, so they can focus all their attention to righting the wrong that is the Trump presidency.  All they can focus on is “orange man – bad” and the only moral thing they feel they can do, in their estimation, is get him out of that office, no matter what course must be taken to accomplish that end. They see Trump as a white house resident and not the bona fide duly elected president. As Dennis Prager says, “Truth is not a left-wing value”.

Trump’s initial statement suggested that if she (Omar) was so unhappy with the United States, and thought this place so irredeemable and horrible, it has to be dismantled and replaced with something else, to look to her homeland (which, by the way, is a REAL hot mess), go back, repair the ills there, THEN come here and solve the problems here, if she so chooses.  He never said he wanted to send her back, what he did say was she was free to leave if she wanted, and if she wanted to come back she was free to do that as well. The fact is Omar has repeatedly cast aspersions on America and other US citizens – specifically white men, calling them racists. (It seems as though the only group that can be safely singled out and held up as the dregs of American society, while continuing to “virtue signal” are the men of “white privilege”.)  I could be wrong, but that appears to be an exceedingly racist stance to me.

This whole “send her back” craze now seems to be “trickling down” to a great many of the Democrat compadres.  Case in point, the most recent occurrence, involving GA State Representative Erica Thomas (D)) and Eric Sparkes, a Cuban born Democrat (whom I can only assume must have looked like a white male to Ms Thomas).

They had a confrontation at a 10 items or less grocery store line.  Initially I brushed this off as an irrelevant story, as these types of meaningless spats at supermarkets are commonplace, and if it wasn’t for the fact that an elected official decided to go public, not once, not twice but three times, with her assertions of this nonsensical confrontation would have passed unnoticed.  This story was first reported on July 26th (2019). Erica Thomas decided to turn a useless spat into the political theater by latching on to the now-infamous “go back home” chant by Trump supporters at the President’s recent rally. She claimed a shopper verbally accosted her, telling her to “go back where you came from.”  However witnesses have just come forward to indicate Thomas’ assertions, and claim, were fallacious. It seems as though it was Thomas who told the male shopper to “go back where you came from.” The question is why did Thomas lie, ginning up a national outcry by unhinged leftists as proof-positive that conservatives and Trump supporters specifically are all closet “white supremacists”.  State Rep. Erica Thomas has used her elected office to perpetuate a dangerous hoax, not unlike all of the dangerous hoaxes the Democrats seem to be grasping at, using social media, and the press to gin-up resentment toward white people, while asserting that the whites are the racists. Thomas was not prepared for Mr. Sparkes to “crash” her TV interview to share his side of the story. Once confronted on TV by Sparkes, the Georgia legislator was forced to backpedal on her most damaging claim regarding her “go back home” allegation, which then became a “he said, she said,” controversy. Inconveniently (for her) an eye witness came forward and totally refuted Thomas’ claim,  indicating that it was Thomas not Sparkes who made the “go home” remark. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a police report documented a witness’s testimony, who claimed they saw the altercation between state Rep. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes. The paper goes on to report that the Publix employee told the deputy that she witnessed Thomas “continuously telling Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from,’not the other way around. The employee also reportedly told the police, “Mr. Sparkes began to leave, but Ms. Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him.”

Thomas reportedly told police that Sparkes ran up to her “with clenched hands in such a manner that he made me fearful for the safety of myself and my daughter.”  However, the deputy indicated in his report that Sparkes, a Cuban Democrat, “did not appear to be irate, nor did I see him with clenched hands” in security camera footage he viewed.

The eye witness account of what actually transpired between Thomas and Sparkes is perhaps the only accurate account of what took place.  What I can’t understand is Thomas’ continuous publicity campaign of race-baiting and smearing whites in general, by her continued referencing within her tweets and tearful video posts.

The first I saw of it was a FB post that had gone viral in which she said “I decided to go live because I’m very upset because people are getting really out of control with this, with this white-privilege stuff,” she said. “I’m at the grocery and I’m in … the aisle that says ’10 Items or Less.’ Yes, I have 15 items, but I’m nine months pregnant and I can’t stand up for long, and this white man comes up to me and says, ‘You lazy son of a b—h… You need to go back where you came from.’”

Unfortunately, Thomas is a powerful elected official who attempted to create a hostile environment for the purpose of political expediency against the currently acceptable segment of the population it is OK to go after, “white males”, for no other reason than to continue the Democratic agenda of racial division, which I consider an egregious act.  If it is allowed to continue it will surely have serious repercussions within our society. Publicity can be a double edged sword that has the potential to backfire if the facts don’t support the assertions. This entire “operation” boils down to integrity, making its way down to something as simple as taking too many items in a 10 item (or less) grocery line, then creating an incident designed to be politically expedient.

This is not a new phenomena in American society.  It has its roots in pride in the American way and protecting that which is deserving of love and protection.  Gene Autry sang about this very idea all the way back in 1942. The name of the song is “Don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you” from the movie The Bells of Capistrano.

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