With the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, and his interim replacement Andrew McCabe, rumors of a top level coup d’état in the FBI and the Deputy AG are running rampant.

Rosenstein, McCabe and  Sessions

2 years old

The special investigation into “Trump – Russian Collusion” is 2 years old and still going. Robert Mueller and his investigative team have yet to come up with anything substantial enough to warrant making indictments.

7 million dollars of taxpayer money

Nearly 7 million dollars of taxpayer money has already been spent, and that was as of Dec 2017, according to Sean Hannity.

Both election interference charges against overseas Russians, and various other crimes including but not limited to obstruction of justice by Trump and his advisors has been released to the media over and over and over again.  His advisers are under investigation for of a myriad of alleged crimes as well. However, Mueller has not yet uncovered evidence directly connecting allegations that Trump or most of his advisers conspired with Russian officials to impact the election. The FBI is continuing to investigate that. Mueller and his associates have floated assertion after assertion only to come up with nothing of substance.  I suppose their assumption is if they throw up the same rubbish enough times people will necessarily assume it has validity

There’s Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Finally, thankfully, ( maybe in my lifetime 🤞) the Mueller investigation will come to an end, and as all of those who supported Trump all along already knew, “there’s nothing to see here, move along”.  What this all amounts to is seriously bad behavior by those who were/are considered the “deep state” (those who were left behind by the Obama administration and who quite possibly still have allegiance to Hillary Clinton).  It’s been their intention all along to do everything in their power to discredit Trump and anyone associated with him and elevate the Clinton Machine. Due to their undisguised hatred of Trump they spotlighted anything they thought could do damage to the Trump administration and those colleagues and advisors he held close.  As it stands now (I can only hope) it seems to be actively backfiring.

All along I have been of the opinion that all of the misdeeds of the Obama’s administration and the Clinton’s have been overlooked if not swept under the proverbial rug.  Hopefully this will become a thing of the past as those who have actually done wrong, should necessarily, be held accountable.

At The Pleasure of The Commander in Chief

Enter James Comey and Andrew McCabe.  These senior officials in the FBI who have both recently lost their gigs, as they work at the pleasure of the Commander in Chief, (seem not to have brought anything resembling pleasure to this current Commander in Chief).  Their allegiance is clearly to the left and to past administration(s). They seem to be willing put out their own narrative and cover up anything that does not support their agenda. make Trump look as bad as possible

Make Trump Look as Bad as Possible

  McCabe the former FBI director, in an interview with Scott Pelley, in his own words, said he opened the obstruction of justice and counterintel investigation the VERY NEXT DAY after he was installed as FBI Director (replacing the fired James Comey), stating he wanted to make sure that if he were removed from the office quickly there was a record of the investigation being opened so it could not be “swept under the rug, or vanish in the night”.  That sounds like projection to me. One doesn’t allege behavior like that if it is not seen as “normal” (ie. behavior that was witnessed during the previous administration where McCabe had served under Comey). My personal feelings is that he wanted to insure that outcome, not because he believed the allegations without a shadow of a doubt, but because he was SO offended by Trump’s demeanor and so opposed to his presidency that he was willing to present the “facts” in a light that would make Trump look as bad as possible, given any chance at all!

McCabe said a report should include all the information and all the facts, not just the ones that support the conclusion you’d like to draw.  It appears to me McCabe has not been listening to his own recommendation.

McCabe also oversaw the investigation into Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page who had an extramarital affair that was discovered in text messages that they sent each other using their FBI work phones, where it was found they routinely disparaged candidate Trump, and mentioned an “insurance policy” in case the election did not go the way they wanted.  They also mentioned meeting(s) in “Andy’s office” that McCabe doesn’t seem to recall.

There was also talk of someone on the investigative team wearing a wire when they went in to talk to the President, as well as talk about  invoking the 25th amendment.

The 25th amendment to the Constitution provides an avenue for a president to be removed under extraordinary circumstances by his or her own leadership team.  Most people have heard of impeachment, a power granted to (and rarely used by) the U.S. Congress, but hardly ever is the 25th amendment bandied about in such a cavalier fashion.  I believe it is solely due to the contempt this agent in particular, as well as other agents who served under him, hold this president in. This may just rise to what might be considered treasonous behavior.

After listening to interview after interview with Andrew McCabe and Lindsey Graham, along with commentary from Fran Townsend, Senior National Security analyst for CBS News, Siraj Hashimi from the Washington Examiner, to Savannah Guthrie and Laura Ingraham I cannot help but come to the conclusion that McCabe’s behavior was SOLELY driven by his animus toward President Trump.  McCabe’s wife ran a failed campaign for office in VA that was heavily contributed to by a PAC that had ties to the Clinton Machine. McCabe vehemently maintains he held no political motive in this trainwreck of an investigation. I wonder.

Administrative Coup

In an interview with Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation conducted by Margaret Brennan, Graham says in the McCabe interview it appeared that the acting deputy attorney general was attempting an administrative coup.  When Scott Pelley asked McCabe if he remembered that exchange McCabe swept it under the rug and said it was one of “the many topics that was discussed, and he couldn’t remember the exact exchange”. McCabe talked about a discussion that centered around counting votes (basically seeing who in the cabinet would support an action like this against the sitting  president). To me that seems a pretty dramatic subject that doesn’t sound like it would fade from clear recollection, especially from the perspective of the highest FBI agent. Isn’t this supposed to be their area of expertise – recalling conversations and facts?

Hopefully in the end the truth will emerge and the motives of all who have been involved in this debacle will be laid bare for what they really are….whew!!!

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In closing I hope I shed some light on the rumors of a top level coup d’état in the FBI and the Deputy AG office!