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Rumors of a top level coup d’état in the

Rosenstein, McCabe and sessions

With the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, and his interim replacement Andrew McCabe, rumors of a top level coup d’état in the FBI and the Deputy AG are running rampant. 2 years old The special investigation into “Trump – Russian Collusion” is 2 years old and still going. Robert Mueller and his investigative […]

State of the Union Thoughts

United states of America Meme with flag and Love it or leave it

Thoughts on The State of the Onion. My response after the speech is at the end scroll down ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My thoughts on the State of the Union or as I sometimes like to call it, Thoughts on The State of the Onion. In this article I examine how the State of the Union has changed […]

The Government Shutdown, Immigration, DA...

House made od 100 dollar bills with the words Daca The wall government shutdown, Trump, Pelosi and scumer written on it

The Government Shutdown, Immigration, DACA, and the Wall! Today I’m going to discuss the government shutdown, immigration, DACA, and the wall! I want to show you how the Republicans can keep from being duped again by the Democrats. The dance between the Democrats and the Republicans over the government shutdown, immigration, DACA and the wall […]