Nancy Pelosi’s Signature Bill

Nancy Pelosi’s bill, HR 1 which has been selected as her signature bill for this session of Congress is proposed in a 571 page bill, that is filled with mind numbing minutiae, and undefined acronyms, so the average person has to waste their valuable time trying to determine the subject of the references in this document.

header from HR 1 116th congress

I undertook this article with a sense of duty, because voting is such in
important right, and is so vital to our form of government. We vote so our
freedom can continue to enjoy the protection it so deserves, and so we can
continue this grand experiment that was bestowed upon us by our
forefathers. They told us we could keep it, the right to vote but we would need to protect it.

Nancy Pelosi caricature

The bill is presented in such a way that it causes your eyes to glaze
over. I truly believe the intention is to overwhelm you with double talk so as to bore you to death to keep you from recognizing the horror that this bill is.

George Soros (the puppetmaster)

This is my own conjecture, but personally I don’t think Nancy is clever
enough to craft this bill. I know she had to have help, I just wonder where
the help came from. I may be eaten up with the conspiracy theory bug , but I can’t help but see the hand of George Soros (the puppetmaster) somewhere in the mix.

Here are some of the particulars that are included in this proposal. I
used The Heritage Foundation’s news letter from the Heritage Action Group
as part of my source material. The following few paragraphs are taken from an email sent by The Heritage Action Group on Feb. 8, 2019 regarding the introduction of a new proposal on the Senate Floor.

It‘s said Speaker Pelosi plans to make this bill her signature piece of legislation for this term of congress. This scares me to death. Adoption of this piece of legislation would signal the death knell of our very way of life. It would revoke the power of the states over their elections and give it to the federal government and that would be regulated by unelected bureaucrats who answer to no one. They most definitely would NOT answer to the voters.

Problems with HR 1

The problems with the HR 1 proposal as presented on the floor by
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Heritage scholar and election expert Hans Von
Spakovsky, who testified before Congress, “Sometimes legislation proposed
by Congress is bad policy; sometimes it is unnecessary; and sometimes it is
unconstitutional. H.R. 1 is all three.”
Here are some of the specifics of H.R. 1:
~It forces states to restore the ability of felons to vote the moment they
leave prison.
~It automatically adds ineligible voters, such as illegal aliens, to voter
registration lists.
~It transfers the right to draw congressional districts from state legislatures
to “independent” commissions whose members are unaccountable to voters.
~It mandates the inclusion of alien population, both legal and illegal in all
redistricting. This is an anti-democratic and unconstitutional measure.
~It turns the Federal Election Commission into a partisan body by reducing the number of FEC (Federal Election Commission) members from six to five.

It Will Interfere With The States

This bill, if it passes, will interfere with the states and their citizens to
determine qualifications of voters and to ensure the accuracy of their voter
registration roles.

It will attempt to centralize the election process taking it away from the
individual states and empowering the federal government to have control of the process. That would endanger the protection of our freedom by putting even more power in the hands of the federal government. That would undermine the health of our Republic. This bill would impose unnecessary, unwise and unconstitutional mandates on the states.

HR 1 would seize the authority of the states to regulate their own elections and put the power to do so under the central governments perview.

It would dictate rules over early voting, automatic voter registration, early voter registration, online voter registration and no-fault absentee voting. It appears to make fraud and chaos even more prevalent at the polls through same day registration. Election officials would not have time to verify the accuracy of the voter registration information, they wouldn’t have any advance information on how many people are expected to show up and/or how many poll workers would be needed to keep the voting process running smoothly.

It would also add to the uncertainty of the vote since early voting could diffuse the intensity of the get out to vote efforts. Those who vote early most often don’t have all the information that those who wait to election day have. They can miss late breaking news that may affect their vote. It has the potential to raise the cost of campaigns due to what could become their unpredictable nature.

It will degrade the accuracy of the registration lists by getting the
information from static databases such as DMV’s, welfare offices, public
health rosters, etc, registering many ineligible voters, aliens and/or duplicate registrants.
online voter registration

Online Voter Registration

It also proposes online voter registration. That is an invitation to hackers and cyber criminals. These lists would not be tied to existing state records such as drivers licenses.

If these recommendations were adopted it would require states to count
votes cast by voters outside their assigned precincts. This would override
the current system that is used by almost all the states that allows election
officials to monitor votes, staff polling places, provide ample ballots and
prevent fraud.

This bill, should it pass, would mandate no-fault absentee ballots, which are the tool of choice of vote fraudsters.

This would also prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and
qualifications of voters and the authority to remove ineligible voters. This
includes checking addresses through USPS to verify valid addresses. This
practice is known as caging, and under this new law would no longer be allowed.

It also would not allow election official to compare rolls to other states to
detect if someone was registered in multiple states or ever removing any
individual due to failure to vote no matter how long it had been.

It cripples the effectiveness of state voter ID laws. It would allow someone to vote without ID by merely signing a statement in which they claim they are who they say they are.

Easily Interfere With Free Speech

HR 1 would violate the 1st Amendment and could cover a vast range
of illegal activity. There is a portion of this part of the bill that addresses
voter intimidation but the language surrounding this portion is so vague it
could easily interfere with free speech.

This bill also expands regulation and government censorship of
campaigns, political activity and speech, including online and policy related speech.

HR 1 also looks to impose onerous legal and administrative compliance
costs on candidates, citizens, civic group, unions, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Many of these provisions violate the First Amendment, protect incumbents, and reduce the accountability of the politicians.


With this bill those who introduced it are looking to impose numerous
other “ethics” rules that are unconstitutional or unfairly restrict political

Congress cannot override a Constitutional Amendment with a statute.

This law would also ban political appointees such as AG (Attorney
General) from participating in, directing the defense of, or assisting in any
matter (including lawsuits against a President’s policies, programs, executive orders or his enforcement of the law) in which the President is named as a party.

This bill as it is presented is designed to jumble up concepts and
confuse anyone who has the misfortune of having to read and decipher it. I
believe it is done intentionally. This seems to be just another case of the
famous Pelosi quote “We have to pass the bill so you find out what is in it.”
That quote was in reference to Obamacare. It was a disaster then and I
don’t want to lend her any assistance whatsoever to pass yet another law that has the potential to be as disastrous as that one was.

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