Political Derangement Syndrome

This article is examining the Political Derangement Syndrome; The Danger of losing the Constitution and contrasts the last 2 presidents and their influence on the fragmentation of American Society. Specifically Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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       Barack Obama’s presidency makes me eminently qualified to opine about the current mental state of the Democrats as I suffered greatly for 8 years under (what I considered) Obama’s dubious leadership.

       When Barack Obama was “coronated” on the steps of the capital I was sick to my stomach. I began to suffer my own form of “derangement syndrome”, much like the Dems who are currently experiencing “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Face it he is my race too

  My revulsion was not because I hated Obama because of his race.  Face it he is my race too, what with having a black Kenyan father and a caucasian American mother, that makes him 50/50.  It was solely due to his ideology. His stated intent was to “fundamentally transform America”. I understood that to mean to he wanted to ignore what our founding fathers intended, because it wasn’t “good” enough for him.  

Barack Obama Speaking

The mere sound of his voice made my blood either boil or run cold, depending what inanity he was proposing.  I took umbrage with him because I knew he believed what he said and fully intended to implement his ideas. I feared the truth was he would be able to accomplish at least some of his campaign promises, like for instance redistribution of wealth, except of course for the lies (which were too numerous to enumerate) but some, like, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”, or “The average American family will save at least $2500.00 a year on healthcare.” to name a couple, scared me half to death.

I knew if he had his way he would completely hollow out the underpinnings of what our founding fathers had intended in the Constitution.  

He and his wife and kids attended Trinity United Church of Christ, a Liberation Theology church. Liberation Theology is the synthesis of Christian Theology and Marxist socio-economic concepts. Liberation Theology is completely counter to the American Dream.  The Trinity Church of Christ was unabashedly “Africentric”.

      Had a church congregation, made up of caucasians, promoted a “Caucacentric” message they would have been roundly criticized as being racists, but because of the demographic that made up Jeremiah Wright’s Liberation Theology church (Trinity United Church of Christ) it was OK. When it was discovered that Jeremiah Wright had given,more than one, blatantly anti-American sermon Barack Obama distanced himself from his pastor. The Obamas attended his church for 20 years.  This was the pastor who married Barack and Michelle yet Obama contended he was unaware of the pastors anti-American leanings and had never heard Rev Wright deliver any anti American sermons.

The “racist” conversation started in earnest in America

Both the Obama’s and Pastor Wright got a pass from the press, and thus, the “racist” conversation started in earnest in America.  Prior to the election of Barack Obama I wouldn’t say there was no polarization in American society, it was there, but the discourse between the racially disparate Americans was far more respectful and there was civility in the discourse.  Once the “chosen one” took office the hostility levels seemed to ratchet up significantly, and I believe it was a direct effect of the his ideology, attitude and message.

Of course all of the Democrats were enamored by the first black president. That in itself, in my mind, is a blatant misrepresentation, since his parentage (caucasian mother/ black father) is a matter of public record.  That makes him neither black nor white. It makes him both, as far as percentages go.

The press LOVED Obama

The press LOVED Obama and gave him a total pass. They minimized anything that may have been seen as inappropriate, whereas with Donald Trump it was/is the complete opposite.

I understand that the Capitalist agenda Trump endorses runs counter to the socialist agenda that the Democrats believe.  The differences between the how each “side” imagines the perfect government could not be more different. It’s as if we were all siblings, raised by the same parents, but our view of the world is so different we can’t help but think that one of us was raised by wolves!

With that understanding of each others ideologies it’s not hard to understand the utter contempt that the right had for Obama when he was in office and left currently has for Donald Trump.

The left so hates this man they are willing to reverse their stance on ANY issue.  If previously they had believed the sky was blue and Trump articulated that very concept all of a sudden the left would incredulously say “no, no, the sky is red…we never said the sky was blue” (even if it was caught on tape).

The left so hates Trump’s ideology and style it would not matter what he said or did it would be unacceptable and they would still label Trump as a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic lout who has no socially redeemable qualities and wants to turn America into a Nazi state.  It seems funny that an anti-semite would have an orthodox Jewish son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren, and was responsible for moving our embassy to Jerusalem. The left characterizes him as someone who is supposed to be completely opposed to immigration and a xenophobic. It seems funny he should be married to a LEGAL immigrant, who by the way, based on many online sources, speaks at least 3 languages fluently.

When the Obama’s resided at the White House it seemed as though every few days Michelle’s picture graced the cover of some fashion magazine and Melania (who by the way used to earn a living as a fashion model) doesn’t seem to be getting any offers.  Could that have something to do with the political viewpoint of the power brokers of the media and/or fashion world? Hmmmm.

Donald Trump has donated his presidential salary to charities. So far I have never seen that widely reported by the media.

Donald Trump with flowing flag in background

 As far as I know Obama never did that.  Obama was also fond of saying “I mean, I do think at some point you’ve made enough money”.  Doesn’t that sound like it applies to you but not me?

       The media HATES that Trump tweets to circumvent them. In the beginning of Trump’s presidency the interaction between Trump and the media bordered on comical.  Every time Trump would tweet the media would glom onto the tweet like a cat chasing a laser pointer. He was able to deflect any narrative they were deciding to follow with a strategically placed tweet, and the fact he could manipulate them like that just fueled their hatred of him.

The coverage of Trump has been overwhelmingly negative. The press has a heavily left leaning agenda and they HATE Trump, but even with all the negative press he has been able to accomplish much of what he promised in his campaign, and that infuriates the media.  

Comparison of results from Obama and Trump policies

So while Obama was able to move his agenda forward he was only able to get that kind of mileage through the unwavering rallying and blind support of the press.  That is something that Trump does not enjoy. Trump has moved his agenda forward through the support of those who elected him, not the press.

There is much talk of corruption in the Trump administration by the press.  That was not the case while Obama was in power. Not because there was none but because they turned a blind eye to any corruption that may have occurred.

       With that said, there is enough bonafide corruption to go around on both sides.

At the crux of the problem is there has been a huge degradation of principles and integrity since the founding fathers penned the Constitution.  It is a sad thing that the understanding of good and evil has almost become a foreign concept holding a completely different meaning to those on the other side of the divide.

For a long time I held hope that there was a way to bridge the divide, but as time goes on the chasm becomes larger and larger as opposed to the ability to heal.  

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Everyone is talking but no one is listening to anyone else. We are all submerged in our own private echo chambers and the sound never escapes.  That is the one of the most significant challenge that lies in front of all of us in this ever increasingly dangerous world we live in. To preserve this Democratic Republic that our founding fathers entrusted to us.  We are precariously close to losing it.

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So in this article I examined the Political Derangement Syndrome; The Danger of losing the Constitution and the contrasts of the last 2 presidents and their influence on the fragmentation of American Society. Specifically Barack Obama and Donald Trump.