While listening to the State of the Union address President Trump delivered
on Feb 5, 2019, I started comparing and contrasting (Radical) Republicans and (Radical) Democrats by their look and behavior. Those differences were
sometimes subtle and sometimes stark.

Images of Democratic Party and republican party tipping an upside down white house

Logical (Radical) End

When the comparing and contrasting the Republican party and the
Democratic party I will be taking each to their logical extremes. The Republicans logical (radical) end will go to Libertarianism – which is… leave me alone and I will leave you alone – government stay out of my life; I’m responsible, if I want something done I will figure out a way to do it.

Whereas Democrats taken to their logical (radical) end align with Socialism and ultimately Communism – the government will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over it – all encompassing governmental coercion and control of your life from the cradle to the grave.


Where the similarities of the parties coincide, unfortunately, occurs in the fact that Washington’s influence has been shown to corrupt legislators, whether they be Republican or Democrat. They quickly seem to forget why they were sent to Washington in the first place. Even as Freshmen legislators they promptly learn, internalize and believe that they are, in fact, the elite, and the rules that apply to the “peasants“ (the common man), don’t apply to them. This is subtle, and regrettably, it applies to both parties. That is one of a few similarities that appear obvious to me. I also realize that both parties are exceedingly passionate; because they believe their philosophy is the optimum vehicle for governing and will make the world a better place.


Taken to the extreme, in reality, neither is really good nor desirable.
One of the most stark and observable differences I noticed during this
last State of the Union address was the visual difference. The Republican side was peppered with those who resembled individuals, while on the
Democrat side; everyone was in lock-step with one another and appeared not to dare stray from the group-think lest they suffer ostracism or even
outright excommunication . It appears the Democrats are beginning to
demonstrate behavior akin to a mob and it seems the more radical the
Democrats become the more dangerous they become.

I almost hate to say it, but the group of Democrat women who were all
dressed in white to support “solidarity with women (?)” looked sophomoric and frankly stupid.
I was truly amused by Liz Cheney’s tweet observing the Democrat women
during President Trump’s address.

“The Democrat women did not clap for America, freedom, free enterprise, law enforcement heros, record low unemployment for women and minorities, or the right of babies to live. What they did clap for: themselves.”

The Democrats, who are supposed to be the party of acceptance and
tolerance, appear to be losing sight of that virtue. They seem to be
throwing many of their constituents “under the bus” for transgressions that
were made sometimes as long as 40 to 50 years ago. They tend to cover up
any misdeeds of their colleagues as long as the alleged perpetrator is towing
the party line; but the moment a swerve is made that takes them outside the ranks, color outside the lines, or espouse an idea that is either unacceptable
or unsupportable by the powers that be, any and all misconduct that may have been revealed from their past is then highlighted; and they are deemed an unworthy to govern, all while continuing the monotonous drumbeat of accusing Republicans of being narrow minded racist haters.

I sometimes wonder what happened to forgiveness and being able to acknowledge that a person can change their ideas and behavior over time.

The divide between the parties has become so emphatic and passionate
if one side adopts a position the other side seems compelled to react automatically in knee-jerk opposition. This division along party lines puts the Republic in danger. It makes the exchange of ideas nearly impossible because both sides are worked up to such a fever pitch no one can hear anything but what is reverberating in their own echo chamber.

In his farewell address, delivered Saturday September 17, 1796,
George Washington warned about political parties becoming dominant, saying “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and usurp for themselves the reins of the government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”


I will admit I hold a blend of conservative and libertarian
philosophies and I have adopted a name I heard coined by Dana Loesch, “Conservatarian”. I don’t hold everything the Republicans focus on in their
platform as truth, nor do I consider the Democrats to have a lock on the
truth, for that matter I can’t completely ascribe to Libertarianism either. I
am more of an amalgamation of philosophies. I use the Chinese menu
approach, “I’ll have one from column A and one from column B”. I adopt a
concept or doctrine only if it makes sense to me. I make every attempt to be
logical, rational and even handed. I also try to fact check to make sure the
premise that I base my decision on is valid.

In today’s world it is easy to be led astray by inaccurate reporting and since the news agencies rarely report the news anymore (they report opinions) one can’t be too careful. Most people will find a news outlet that agrees with their perception of the world then they’re all in.

Act Locally, Think Globally

In politics I follow the advice of the environmentalists and that is “act
locally, think globally”. Even what you could consider to be inconsequential can have a huge impact, like ripples on water that keep expanding. One single person can have a huge influence even though they may be personally unaware of their effect.

This analysis of the parties hopefully exposes the similarities and
differences in their core philosophies. My intention in this article has been,
along with examining the similarities and differences between the parties,
to show how crucial the individual is in this process.
This is also why the Democratic party scares me so, because I believe
their ultimate intention is to lead the United States away from the
Constitution and deliver us into the arms of Socialism and ultimately

I presume they believe their motives are pure, I just think they are misguided, based on my observation of how these systems of government are working in today’s world.

Attention Needed

I hope this information garners the public attention needed and furnishes food for thought and most importantly information to make an essential far-reaching and critically important personal decision on who should govern, in order to avoid a perilous outcome that is conceivable if (Radical) Republicans or (Radical) Democrats obtain the power based on their philosophy. I truly believe this is vitally important to the future of the United States and the world.

What do you think about all the goins on?

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Update 3/7/2019

Comparing and contrasting (Radical) Republicans and/or (Radical) Democrats
This is but the shortest of short updates to my article about comparing
and Contrasting the (Radical) Republicans and/or (Radical) Democrats.
In this article I highlighted that I considered myself a
“Conservatarian” (a word coined by Dana Loesch, who is currently a
spokesperson for the NRA, the National Rifle Association).
Conservatarian signifies no strict adherence to any of the complete tenets
of either Conservative (which implies Republican leaning) or Libertarianism.
I have taken it upon myself to coin a word of my own to refer to when the
two parties engage in similar behavior – usually disreputable. “Demolicans”. I think it is very clever…even if I do say so myself! 😎
I hope this entertains (even if ever so slightly) and I encourage anyone to
use it at any time if the spirit so moves them.

I hope that my comparing and contrasting (Radical) Republicans and (Radical) Democrats has made you think! That WAS the whole idea!~