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Send Her Back

Rep Ilhan Omar image

Send her back. That was the chant the crowd broke into at a July 17th (2019) Trump rally in NC., and while it was an inarticulate and ham-fisted, response to the impression that Congresswoman Omar Illhan does not embrace the conclusions this country is based on, and the American way of life, choosing not to try to improve it, but instead to criticize it, and suggesting the very fabric of the American experiment be discarded and replaced with “democracy” (mob rule) and socialism, elicited a passionate response.

State of the Union Thoughts

United states of America Meme with flag and Love it or leave it

Thoughts on The State of the Onion. My response after the speech is at the end scroll down ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My thoughts on the State of the Union or as I sometimes like to call it, Thoughts on The State of the Onion. In this article I examine how the State of the Union has changed […]