I wonder what the Democrats who are running for president in 2020 are up to. There is a swarm of presidential candidates.  The field of candidates running for president in 2020 is indeed crowded. Here I am going to take a look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates.

Bernie Sanders/ “Uncle” Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris/ Pete Buttigieg/ Cory Booker/ Beto O’Rourke/ Elizabeth Warren/ Kirsten Gillibrand / Amy Klobuchar/ John Hickenlooper/ Michael Bennet/Julian Castro/John Delaney/Tulsi Gabbard/
Jay Inslee/ Wayne Messam/ Seth Moulton/ Tim Ryan/ Eric Swalwell/ Marianne Williamson/ Andrew Yang

Bernie Sanders – this candidate typically only registers as a Democrat within a few months of the presidential races, otherwise, he identifies himself as a “Democratic Socialist”.  Sanders’s paramount intention is to rid the country of Trump. Beyond that, his next intention, is to rid the country of our current form of government and turn the country into a socialist “utopia”, providing free healthcare, education and a “living wage” as a basic “right”.  

“Uncle” Joe Biden – has represented Delaware in the US senate  since 1972. He also served as the 47th vice president under Barack Obama.  Biden, like the rest of the Democrat candidates, are running on little else than ridding the country of Trump.  Biden’s strength is that he is not jumping on the far left bandwagon and is instead presenting himself as a “moderate”.

Kamala Harris – is a very strong candidate based on her experience as a  prosecutor. Also, the money that is flooding into her campaign fund may be being funneled through the Clinton’s.  Her campaign manager is Marc Elias who was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, is currently the chair of Perkins Coie’s Political Law Group (the very law firm that the Clinton’s employed to collect the bogus information for the “Steele” dossier, used to discredit Trump BEFORE the 2016 election, and which the Russian Collusion case was built upon).  Marc Elias is a preeminent counselor in the areas of federal and state campaign finance law, ethics, lobbying and gift rules, as well as recounts and election contests. Harris supports reparations. Either Ms. Harris, or her father, asserted that she is actually the descendant of a slave owner. Based on that piece of history and her reparations theory I propose that Ms. Harris pay the reparations to whom she feels it is owed and then just move on.

Pete Budigieg – is the mayor of South Bend Indiana.  He is becoming known as “Mayor Pete”. He is openly gay so he is able to fill in that “left/Democrat intersectional”  box. He espouses that his religion is a major part of his life and in the last interview I heard he said that religion should not be used as a cudgel and later in that very sentence he made disparaging remarks about the presidents religiosity (and used religion AS a cudgel against the president).

Cory Booker – or as I like to call him Senator “Spartacus”.  Like the majority of the rest of the candidates he is is also consumed with ridding the country of the Trump plague.  He’s also buying into the “Green New Deal” which would damage the American economy as well as the rest of the world’s economies beyond repair and plunge the world into utter chaos.

Beto O’Rourke – he is the only Latino Irishman I have ever known existed.  He is really good at skateboarding and was previously identified as a member of the notorious hacker group cult of the Dead Cow.  It was also reported there were some unsettling prose that O’Rouke wrote earlier in his life referencing purposely running over children.  Sounds like a REALLY strong candidate to me.

Elizabeth Warren – “Pocahantas” as president Trump calls her, or as I call her “Faux-ahantas”.  This woman used her appropriated “native American” status to garner affirmative action quotas to further her own career while taking up the space that should’ve been rightfully given to those who were actually the bona fide minorities that these benefits were originally created for.

Kirsten Gillibrand – is a senator from NY.  She started out as a member of the conservative Democrats Blue Dog Coalition when she represented New York’s 20th district.  Since becoming a senator she has changed her position and has moved much further to the left so she is able to compete in the Democrat field that is currently running for president.  She seems to have found her talking point and that is the pro life stance that is so popular with the rank and file Democrats. It seems she has adopted the left lock step and doesn’t seem to stand out in the crowd.

Amy Klobuchar – is a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, Minnesota’s affiliate of the Democratic Party.  She backs Medicare Advantage which is counter to what the other Dems support, however she does support the Green New Deal, which I think would be a massive disrupter of not only America’s economy but the world’s economy as well.

John Hickenlooper – former governor from Colorado who’s one extraordinary action, as far as I’m concerned, was taking his mother (when he was 18) to see “Deep Throat”. 

Michael Bennet – has served as the Senator from Colorado since 2009.  John Bennet is predictably left leaning and is plainly consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome to the point he is unable to give credit to Trump for the economic condition that we are currently enjoying.

Julian Castro – former mayor of San Antonio TX.  Supports the Paris Climate Treaty, late term abortion, medicare for all, 2 years of paid higher education, “reconstituting” ICE, opposes Trump’s border wall, as mayor Castro strongly supported NAFTA…solidly left views.

John Delaney – a Democrat, who serves as the US Representative representing Maryland’s 6th Congressional District from 2013-2019.  He announced his 2020 campaign for President of the United States in July of 2017. He falls firmly in the Democrat mindset so it makes him a viable candidate in their eyes.  He supports free higher education and universal preschool, he got 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Delaney has opposed school vouchers. That forces children whose parents are unable to afford private schools to attend government schools, which again, supports the progressive agenda that is in currently favor with the Democratic party.

Tulsi Gabbard – a four-term congresswoman who serves Hawaii.  Here is what Tulsi Gabbard believes on some key issues in the 2020 race: 

Tulsi Gabbard is a four-term congresswoman, a soldier who served in Iraq, a former U.S. Senate aide and native Pacific Islander.  She is the youngest person ever elected to Hawaii’s state legislature and the first Hindu in Congress, as well as one of its first two first female combat veterans. Gabbard’s stances have stretched across the political spectrum — nominating Bernie Sanders for president in 2016, and later that year meeting with then President-elect Donald Trump.

 Here is what Tulsi Gabbard believes on some key issues in the 2020 race.  On climate change – Mandate an end to the use of fossil fuels for electricity by 2050. Ban fracking.  On education, tuition free community college for all and tuition-free public university for most families.  On military, intervention, withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria and end U.S. support for the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen.  Gabbard believes Saudi Arabia is a hub of anti-Western extremism. On social issues, protection of abortion rights. She also supports banning discrimination based on sexual preference, and/or identity.  All have come to be acceptable Democrat viewpoints.

Jay Inslee  is the Governor of Washington.  Inslee has made climate change the primary issue of his campaign, saying that it poses a “clear and present danger” to the country and comparing it to a terrorist threat. He was involved in a lawsuit, Washington v. Trump, a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s order to ban entry from seven Muslim-majority countries and that brought Governor Inslee

into the national conversation and ultimately propelled him to enter the race for President.

Wayne Messam – who is the Mayor of Miramar FL.  He is the son of a Jamaican immigrant.  He fits well into the Democrat mold. Making public venues “gun free zones”, and was unhappy at the US withdrawal from the Paris Accord.  He has also voiced concern about the massive debt that most students are graduating with that is keeping them from attaining financial mobility. 

Seth Moulton –  Representative of Massachusetts is a third-term congressman who has pushed for a “new generation of leadership” in Washington.  He helped lead a group of rebellious Democrats who had sought to deny Speaker Nancy Pelosi the gavel in the new Congress. Mr. Moulton is a Harvard-educated Marine veteran, has also focused on recruiting veterans to run for Congress as Democrats.  It doesn’t sound to me like he will be welcomed with open arms by those who are in power positions of the Democrat Party.

Tim Ryan –  an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district since 2003, the district covers a large swath of northeast Ohio, from Youngstown to Akron.  Ryan calls himself a “free enterprise Democrat,” and he rejects big-government ideas some Democrats embrace, like Medicare for all or the Green New Deal, but he would like to see stronger government incentives to spur more investment in key industries of the future, such as electric vehicles, solar and wind power and artificial intelligence.  On health care, Ryan favors a pathway toward universal coverage for everybody—but not through a new government program that would replace private insurance. His approach and ideas buck the Democrat lock step dance. Free enterprise? Healthcare not dispensed by the government? Somehow I don’t see the Democrats inviting him into their inner circle to be President.

Eric Swalwell – a fourth-term congressman who represents the Bay Area district where he grew up.  He was born in a small town in Iowa. He’s a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, and a frequent critic of President Trump.  He has an aggressive stance on gun control (he has called for a national ban on assault weapons). He hopes to assert his influence on improving health care, education and reduce gun violence.

Marianne Williamson – Marianne Williamson’s stance on key issues:

Health care: Supports a “Medicare for All model,” 

Education: Supports universal pre-school and free college.

Green New Deal: Supports.

Immigration: She supports DACA and a full path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants with no “serious criminal background.”

Israeli-Palestinian peace process: Williamson maintains “that the U.S. must return to “where it can be considered an honest broker” to play a useful role.

Reparations: In an interview with CNN, Williamson called for $100 billion to be paid to African Americans in reparations for slavery, with $10 billion per year distributed over 10 years.  It has been reported that Ms. Williamson may have some difficulty in how those who are subordinates of hers have been treated by her.

Andrew Yang – is a private citizen, reportedly, with a large net worth.  He seems to be a rogue Democrat. Based on the candidates website his big 3 policies are Universal Basic Income, Medicare for All and Human-Centered Capitalism.

Bill De Blasio – Then there is Bill De Blasio the mayor of NY.  At this point everyone who knows him knows his position on government.  He doesn’t seem to be all that popular in NY. I think he may be aware of it as well.  I seem to think that he may be doing it for the money he can raise. Come to think of it, could it be, that many of the Democratic candidates are doing it for the money?

Ami Horowitz – The final name that is making noise to get into the 2020 presidential race, so far.  He stated he needed to raise $65,000 to get a spot on the presidential debate stage. He seems to making a splash so far.  At this time I don’t know whether he has raised enough money to qualify or not, but if he does it should be interesting to see. 

Here are just a few of the things proposed by some of the Democratic (Socialist/Communist) Presidential candidates:

Gun Confiscation – the proposal is citizens would be offered the “opportunity” to sell their guns to the government.  They would be given a specific amount of time and if they opted not to, the guns could then be confiscated and the “owners” incarcerated. My question is, what happened to the 2nd Amendment? Doesn’t it clearly state that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed?
Open Borders –  That is pretty self explanatory.  It has nothing to do with compassion, as far as I can see.  I believe it has more to do with increasing a voting base. Currently the Democrats are in favor of “undocumented citizens” (translation – illegal aliens) voting, as well as being counted in the census which governs appropriations.  Currently, there is serious pushback going on in the halls of congress about whether persons who fill out the census questionnaire should be asked if they are citizens or not. The Democrats are arguing if the question is constitutional.  WHAT??? How else can the determination be made on how to appropriate the disbursement of money earmarked for legitimate American citizens?
Socialized Medicine – OK for a Socialist country
Socialized Higher Education – again OK for a Socialist country
Elimination of ICE – WHAT??? Why? the only answer I can come up with is the Democrats are not concerned with national security.  They seem to think it’s OK for other countries, but not for “their America”.
70% income tax – another self explanatory heading. The outcome of that would be to drive any business that is profitable out of the country, bankrupt the ones that are not, and decimate the American economy
The Green New Deal – The cost of that little scheme is projected to cost 100 TRILLION dollars.  Many of those running have signed on to that. The sheer lunacy of that leaves me speechless – almost – I have one word for that – INSANE!
Legalized Infanticide –  they tie it to a woman’s autonomy over their own bodies, and up to a point that may be a satisfactory argument.  However once it gets to the point that the fetus is viable and could live outside the woman’s womb the formula for the supposition irrevocably changes, and it changes from choice to murder. 
Reparations to Native Americans and African Americans – in my mind this invents bigotry where it does not exist, and requires reparations be paid by those who did not perpetrate the wrongs that were done to the ancestors who long ago died, and who (the long dead ancestors) would know that any funds had been disbursed in their names anyway.Packing the Supreme Court
Eliminating the Electoral College
Also lowering the voting age to 16 

When the first candidates threw their hats into the presidential ring I thought that  Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders should run together, then the Democrat’s presidential ticket could have B.O. & B.S. running for president!  hehehe

Second only to eliminating what they consider to be the scourge of T rump would be “to fundamentally transforming America”.  To me, that means getting rid of that pesky constitution and replacing our form of government with socialism. I can’t figure out the logic behind that.  While this representative republic is not perfect it is still the best form of government that is currently in practice. Socialism is responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout the years.

So as of May 19, 2019 here is the field of Democratic candidates for 2020 president.  I am tempted to call it a free for all. but I want to be nice.