The most current political situation that has captured my attention enough to create this conservative post is the collective Conservative Outrage at Mitt Romney’s comments about President Trump.  This will more than likely turn into a meandering treatise. Many bloggers write in a stream of consciousness. I tend to write in a puddle of consciousness.

Mitt Romney, Freshman Congressman?

For those of you that don’t know, Mitt Romney, who previously ran a failed bid for the presidency against Barack Obama, is now the latest freshman Congressman from Utah.  He has already penned on OpEd on how President Trump is not rising to the occasion, obviously referring to his comportment not his accomplishments. Romney spotlights how Trump is not “presidential” enough, etc etc etc.

To me, that screams of sour grapes.  If memory serves, Mr. Romney had his head handed to him on a plate in the debates and I’m guessing he was not all to happy about that.  Once again it’s shrill voices making references to style vs. substance. To paint with a kind of of broad brush, at its core, the Romney statement is about how suave and debonair Barack Obama was as opposed to how coarse “The Donald”  is. As far as I can see Romney was, and continues to be a “Never Trumper”

My observation is the biggest problem that occurs to those whom are consumed with the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is they fail to realize that former President Obama suavely led us to the threshold of the road to ruin, weakening America in the eyes of the world, thereby allowing the world to become a much more dangerous place while at the same time fracturing any respectful discourse that had been in existence and completely polarizing the society in his inimitably genteel manner.                                                                                                                                            

Back when Romney was running against Barack Obama, the majority of voters I spoke with indicated they did not “like” Mitt Romney”.  I contended Romney was a financial mechanic, and based on the countries current financial health, that was what America needed. My tip to the voters I came in contact with was,  “When you are hiring an automobile mechanic you don’t have to like them, all you have to do is have confidence in their ability to do the job you hired them to for”

Romney is casting aspersions on Trump’s morals while inferring that he is without any sin. Romney’s pomposity makes him foolish.  To compare comportment to accomplishment is totally nonsensical. There is no logic nor connection with reality in that comparison.

Romney Caricature in TV

Now with that said, I cannot say I am without sin in that department.  I felt such revulsion with Barack Obama’s policies and ideology that I could barely stand the sound of the man’s voice, so I DO understand the “Never Trumpers” reactions.

I can also understand the left’s opposition to Trump’s policies, even though, I pretty much agree with putting America on a path toward restoration and protection of the Constitution and encouraging economic growth through capitalism rather than socialism.

       My perception of the millenials view of socialism is they truly don’t understand it.  They don’t even have to study history to see it doesn’t work. Just take a look to Argentina.  A study from just 2 years ago showed that the average weight loss for an Argentinian was around 24 pounds, not because they are fitness nuts, but because they can’t afford to buy food.  Argentina is blessed with nearly boundless resources and by rights they should be one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Thanks to the mismanagement of resources by their socialist leaders, who, by the way, live a magnificent lifestyle, the rank and file are forced to starve and go without the niceties of living, such as toilet paper for example.

       I think the misunderstanding of the millenials is due to the failure of our educational system that has been steered for the last 25+ years by the 60’s radicals, the “Progressives”.

They brilliantly determined the most effective way to change our society to their “utopian” vision was to mold the minds of our children, so they laid back and pursued their agenda so slowly it went unnoticed until they accomplished their goal.  They instructed the children to be able to access information, but they did not teach them to critically think so they could formulate their own opinions. In many cases and situations critical thinking has been actively discouraged. This type of education makes them into useful idiots.

       Most parents were too preoccupied with trying to support their families to pay attention to the slow and relentless changes to the “politics of the classroom”.

It started in small ways like all the parents buying school supplies ( crayons, markers, pencils/pens, etc), all of the supplies being put into a communal box so all the children in the class would have access to them no matter what they (their parents) were able to contribute.  The atmosphere where everyone got a trophy. These little “victories” allowed the teachers to demonstrate the beauty of socialism to their young charges.

The only problem with that is that while the concept of socialism is really “nice” it only works in settings where there are a small number of participants and it is in place for a measurable time frame, say, for the school year.

Meme about socialism running out of money

          What the progressive teachers fail to point out to their charges is that it most often does not work when there are many many people involved.  It also does not take into consideration that all the actors who may get involved with the whole socialism scheme may not be people of integrity and only aspire to be in charge and have power over all the others that bought into the socialism concept.  That is where the danger of mass murder and widespread starvation has been known to get introduced into the equation.

        The world is a dangerous place and by misleading our youth into the trap of socialism the world will only continue to become more dangerous.  Socialism ignores basic human behavior. If basic human nature is ignored and an arbitrary social structure is put in place it is doomed to failure.  While failure is not always a bad thing (lessons are learned from failure), failure on a massive scale leads to misery on such a grand scale is can be intolerable.  If misery on a more grand scale than is already in place I for one say to avoid it at all costs.

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So in conclusion I did promise this conservative post was going to be a meandering treatise on the Conservative outrage in reaction to Mitt Romney’s OpEd, and I,for one, think I made good on the threat, even if I do say so myself!