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The Government Shutdown, Immigration, DA...

House made od 100 dollar bills with the words Daca The wall government shutdown, Trump, Pelosi and scumer written on it

The Government Shutdown, Immigration, DACA, and the Wall! Today I’m going to discuss the government shutdown, immigration, DACA, and the wall! I want to show you how the Republicans can keep from being duped again by the Democrats. The dance between the Democrats and the Republicans over the government shutdown, immigration, DACA and the wall […]

A Conservative Post on the Collective Co...

Mitt Romney Leaving while Donald trump waves

My observation is the biggest problem that occurs to those whom are consumed with the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is they fail to realize that former President Obama suavely led us to the threshold of the road to ruin, weakening America in the eyes of the world, thereby allowing the world to become a much more dangerous place while at the same time fracturing any respectful discourse that had been in existence and completely polarizing the society in his inimitably genteel manner.

Mitch, the WALL, the BUDGET

Mitch, the WALL, the BUDGET

It’s like dangling a shiny object in front of his electorate.  It’s as though he thinks that those who elected him or Trump can’t keep track of more than 1 topic at a time and may be more focused on getting stoned, than protecting our southern borders. Why can’t we do both…you know like walking […]