Hi,  My name is Shirley Hermelin and this IS ShirlTheGirls Story!


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All my life, basically, I’ve been a Jackie of all trades and a master of none.  I’ve worked in sales, retail, and the hospitality industry (restaurants and hotels).

       I worked as a cook/mate on numerous private charter boats for the better part of 20 years. The vessels took charter guests through the Caribbean for week trips and catered to them.  I was part of crews that took them hiking, snorkeling and diving. I provisioned for the trips, prepared and served them gourmet meals. It was a really gratifying portion of my career.  I got to help our clients create vacation memories they will remember the rest of their lives.

Once I aged out of that job I attended Culinary School and became an Executive Chef.  After a time I realized it was too physical and decided to change my career path.

Female Chef with pots and pans

I continued my career by working in  call center settings dedicated to customer service.

The first call center I worked in sold airline tickets.   I quickly went from selling discount commercial airline tickets to building emergency reservations for the Red Cross agents to get to locations after disasters ASAP, from there I went to an HR firm assisting retired insurance agents start up their retirement benefits.  


After that I went into another call center and worked customer service for a major credit card company moving up the corporate ladder until being forced out due to age and office politics.

From there I then went to work for a company assisting clients with their life insurance policies.  Unfortunately after I started work there I developed an illness that affected my lungs so I was unable to spend my days talking on the phone and had to leave that job so now I have taken to writing where I would like to be able to generate income.

In my walk through life, lately I have developed a seriously
“Conservatarian” bent and I have found it seems to have put me at odds with many in my life. But it has also led me to adopt an added mission to my life.

I’ve “sailed through life” seemingly with no anchor or enduring
conviction. Of course I wanted to be “good”, but that is such an abstract
concept, and subject to a myriad of personal interpretations. Up until
recently I’ve always wanted to please whomever I was surrounded by. That
left me feeling ungrounded and distressed. My experience has led me to want to empower people to understand themselves and realize that there is
up and down, right and wrong, good and evil and that life is necessarily more tranquil around sturdy, substantial convictions. One should always be willing to hear opposing viewpoints, ponder their validity but have the confidence to come to one’s own conclusion.

With that said I would like to empower other bloggers and writers find
a (their) voice on and offline. If your passion includes fundraising for
specific campaigns or enabling/assisting grassroots movements I say “Go for it!”. Of course I would be disingenuous if I said I would be happy if your truth took you to a place at odds with my convictions. 😉 I am an American through and through and what I would really like to do is be a voice that would draw people to embrace conservatism, libertarianism as well as capitalism and the Constitution.

I can spin a yarn or two and have been told more than once I should write a book.  I have always, in my heart of hearts wanted to write and I am of the mind that you have to walk before you run so I am beginning my journey, and this is an open invitation to follow along and who knows I may end up writing the next “great American novel”.  Nothing is impossible.


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My name is Shirley Hermelin and this IS ShirlTheGirls Story!